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I’m writing this from my church office, but I won’t be here much longer. The roads are getting pretty treacherous and I’m going to return to the safety of my home away from home, the church parsonage. I loaded a bunch of info to my computer, (no WIFI at the parsonage, and most of the time, I’m okay with that) so I can get done everything I need to get done. Why am I writing this? To show you something about life, and it starts with this statement.

“I hate Winter.”

I can’t stand it. If I was alone in the universe, I would make a b-line for some place tropical so fast it would make your head spin. Snow and ice and all the rest of Winter’s “fun” are no fun at all for me. When I hear schools trying to be all PC by calling their Christmas parties “Winter Celebrations,” I just have to laugh. What is there to celebrate about winter? Shoveling snow, power outages, impassible roads? No I really can’t stand winter. I can’t schedule anything three months our of the without having to hope I’ll be able to get there when the day arrives. Yessir, I hate Winter.

I hope you can forgive the previous diatribe, because here’s the point. There is only one good thing about Winter as far as I am concerned and that is that God made it, and if God made it, then it’s good. Inconvenient? From my point of view, absolutely, but God is always good, even when things are inconvenient. If you noticed in the above paragraph, I made the statement that if I was alone in the universe, I would be out of this area and while that is true, the better news is, I am not alone in the universe. God has given me so much here, family, friends, my church, a home, a warm place to stay when I can’t get there, and more and while I really much prefer when the Greatest Artist in the Universe works in his green palette, all these people I love are worth tolerating the weather.

God is always good, even on a snow day.


Well, I just cancelled open studio for my creative arts group because, surprise, surprise, surprise, another winter storm is violating the sanctity of the March 1 cut-off. Okay truthfully, I have just had enough. The first couple snows are pretty, but by this time, the white stuff and the corresponding ice has run it’s course in my mind. It makes me have to cancel things, keeps me from taking bookings that are too far from home and of course, I have to shovel it. (Right now some of my New York/New England readers are saying “Cry me a river,” but I digress.)

In the past I would always say “I hate Winter” and in truth, I still kind of do, but here’s the thing. God gave me Winter. He made Winter and all the other seasons for a reason and God is always good. So in spite of all the inconveniences, I am trying to come to appreciate this season. There are a lot of things like that in life. Things we’d just as soon not go through, but if we try hard enough we can see God at work in them.

I have a friend who left Florida to move here to Pennsylvania at least in part because she missed the seasons. I never really understood that. My occasional winter ministry trips to Florida are like an oasis in my year. There is nothing like getting on a plane shivering and getting off the plane in short sleeves. I could get used to that. Winter is a season I could truly do without and if you’re in the south and want to fly in a speaker in Winter, I would be grateful.

Truth be known, I was hatching a snowbird plan for a few years down the road, but then I found out the Lord is giving me another blessing, one that will keep me here, one that is worth shoveling and slipping and sliding for and I couldn’t be happier. It’s like that with God sometimes. About the time you are ready to throw in the towel, He reminds us that there is good in most things.

So I will try not to say I hate winter anymore. There’s no point in hating something you can do very little about and it’s a really bad idea to hate something God created on purpose for a purpose (a good purpose, Dave says somewhat begrudgingly). If you’re going to hate something, hate sin and try to do something about it. If you’re going to hate something, hate injustice and try to make things right.

There’s one other thing to consider. The aggravating things in life help us to appreciate the non-aggravating things and the really good things. the things that bring us joy. Winter will never be my favorite time of year, but man do I appreciate Spring! When I hit those Winter doldrums, Spring feels a lot like hope.

Spring is coming.

Saturday’s freak snowstorm has me longing for spring. Yes I know that is whiny so let me make it clear, I know God is a great artist, I just prefer when He works in His green palette. Anyway, When I was at the shore this summer I saw all these shirts that said “Every Day I’m Shufflin'” I assume thats a dance thing (yeah I’m old) but those shirts put this parody in my mind. I give you the “Every Day I’m Shovelin'” shirt. Check it out and click the pic for more info.

Every Day  I'm  Shovelin'

Every Day I'm Shovelin'

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(we had a freak October snowstorm so most of my exercise was spent shoveling snow, icy conditions made walking safer than running)