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I’m traveling this week so the posts might be a little sporadic, but for today I thought I would share this little reminder. This is my passion. Is it yours?

I’ve had some really busy days today and I am a little behind on posting. Between four days of revival services at a great church in VA, then back home to do office hours at church, an evening art ministry presentation at a youth retreat, then prepping for and participating in my church’s Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook-off, two services Sunday, it’s been a really busy time here at the AMOKArts world headquarters (lol). As such I have decided to bring out something some of you might have missed. This is a portion of a message I gave a few years ago on why the church NEEDS creativity. I post it here as a reminder and an encouragement to you.

I am feeling like I need to share this one more time. The time to get creative is now, CHURCH!