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As many of you know, I have a Facebook page/group called The Daily Creative. I’ve been wrestling with it a little as I try to figure out how much content is too much, versus not enough, but one thing I have determined to do is post a daily art challenge each month. Well yesterday I heard that Chinese New Year was on January 25 and that this year is the year of the Rat. Well if you know my artistic history, you’ll know I’ve drawn a lot of rats, from fan art of Ed Roth’s Rat Fink to my own characters Rikki Rat and the Vermin, I love to cartoon rats. I decided that February’s Challenge will be called Rat-ruary. So if you’re feeling a little “rat-ical” come on in and join in the fun. Be sure to join the Facebook group so you can share your creations. It’s just a challenge to trigger your creativity.

Here’s a creative challenge from my upcoming book, The Daily Creative:

Enjoy, and I’d love to see what you created. Share a link in the comments.

Here’s the last one. Look for the book. I have about 100 pages to go.

Here’s the next one. Have at it.

Okay this week has been hectic and I got behind, AGAIN. So here’s what I’ve decided to do. I am going to share pages from my upcoming book, The Daily Creative, one each day.
Here’s today’s.

I’ve been working on developing my book called The Daily Creative. Here are a couple more pages.

Share your link in the comments.

I’ve been working on developing my book called The Daily Creative. Here are a couple of pages.

I’d sure love to see what you do with it.
Share your link in the comments.

Hey everyone don’t forget to check out the new Daily Creative over at There’s a new creative challenge every day. Here’s a sample.
There’s a project every day. I plan top release this as a book by June but in the mean time you can see it every day over there or on the Facebook page. Please subscribe and spread the word.

Well today is the launch of The Daily Creative over at and The Daily Creative Facebook Page and while that’s kind of a separate thing from what we’re doing here, this first project very clearly applies to this first day of a new year.
What is your creative vision and your goals for this year? The time to get started is now. If you’d like more challenge and encouragement for your creative year, subscribe to and The Daily Creative Facebook Page

The new year is a great time to develop and strengthen your creative skills and discipline. Maybe The Daily Creative is for you.

Check it out and Happy New Year.

I’ve set up a new feature at my art and creativity site called The Daily Creative. It started today. Each day five days a week, you’ll get a creativity kick starter. Go over to and subscribe. Here’s a sample:

tdclogoWelcome to The Daily Creative. A daily creative challenge to get your creative juices flowing. It might be an art challenge, it might be an idea generation challenge, a writing challenge, an invention, a fill in the gag cartoon. You don’t have to do them all, but if you need a boost, they’re here for you. You can share your results over on the Facebook page.

Let’s start with an easy one. Not terribly original but a whole lot of fun. In three minutes (use the timer below), come up with as many uses as you can for a paper clip. That’s right a simple paper clip. Think outside the box and come up with as many as you can. This challenge will help to stretch those creative muscles.