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Well I spent most of the day Saturday working on a Powerpoint presentation to go with a message on watching our thought lives, guarding our hearts and minds. I called the message “What Are You Thinking?” I decided to start with humorous stories from my childhood where my mom ended up asking, “What Were You Thinking?” I decided some simple humorous slides were in order. It’s amazing how well cartoons, the combination of words and pictures tel the story. I had some fun with these. I decided to share these without the story, so you can get the idea.

The family and I are going to spend a little time in Gettysburg, exploring some of the historical sites there. Every time I go there, it reminds me of this story from one of my favorite story tellers: Andy Andrews. You must check this out…

Make sure you don’t miss the take away point…
“Everything you do, matters!”

TheBibleCvr_rev-2Last night I watched the final installment of The Bible Miniseries. I have to say they did an incredible job. It can’t have been at all easy to cover all that material in the relatively short amount of time they had, which brought me to my thought of the day. This was a great piece of story telling. If Roma Downey and Mark Burnett do not win an Emmy my suspicions of bias against the material will be justified, but as I watched last night I saw them coming up on Pentecost and I really wanted to see Peter give his message to the people and the mass repentance and Salvation that occurred. It didn’t make the cut. Then we crept up on Revelation and I looked forward to seeing the imagery of the apocolyptic book but again that didn’t make it. I can’t say I was disappointed, they really covered a lot of ground and really hit the high points over all, but I wished I could have seen those things.

In this sense, it’s kind of like life. We believers are entrusted with the message of reconcilliation, on a mission to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. In most cases, with any given person, you don’t have enough time to tell the whole story. What are the high points you need to cover? How do you bring the story to people in the time you have? How do you get more time and how do you win the right to be heard? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves and matters of prayer we should take before our Lord.

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett took the time they had, combined it with their gifts talents and resources and used it to take the Gospel to the world. What will you do with your time, talents and resources? What will you do with His story?