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Okay this is a beautiful video. Yes it’s a commercial but it’s beautiful.
Talk about telling a better story…

And they were kind enough to show us how they did it. This is a cutting edge approach to stop motion animation.

This is how they told the story. How would you tell a story that shows the Spirit of Christmas.

This is truly one of the coolest videos out there today. It’s two guys (Rhett and Link), over 200 t-shirts, one fire extinguisher and a lot of talent. If you’d like to see more stuff from Rhett and Link, go to their You-tube channel.

Why do I share this kind of stuff with you. First of all to inspire. Videos like this make one think of new things that might be possible. They are on the creative edge and while I don’t think we should plagiarize anyone, seeing things like this can trigger other things in our imaginations.

But today there’s more to it than that. Check out this video:

Rhett and Link created the first video and put it out there as their gift to the world (it has over 5,000,000 hits by the way) and guess what happened, the folks at Coca Cola and McDonalds saw it and commissioned them to make a video as a commercial for them. Needless to say I’m sure this was quite lucrative for them. Here’s the point. You never know who is looking at the things you create and you never know what will come of them, so a.) always put your best out there, and b.) make sure you put it out, A gift is not a gift until it’s given. (remember, real artists ship!)

I’m not saying you will make a lot of money, but I am saying you will touch and bless somebody, especially if what you are doing is inspired by God. So take what you’re inspired to do, do it the best you can and ship it, give it to the word and trust that God will do with it what He intends.

As an extra bonus, here is a third video that shows how the McDonalds video was made. Thanks to Rhett and Link for giving us these gifts. Be sure to check out all their stuff. These guys are truly amazing.

Well I’ve been working on this piece in my spare time over the last few months but it’s a piece I’ve been wanting to do for years and last night I finished it. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to bring a dream to fruition. I wanted to start it as soon as I thought of it, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I knew it had to be a video because of the layers and layers and layers that it involved but I didn’t know how to make it just right so it moved to the back burner, a little glimmer at the back of my mind and I thought it might stay that way.

Until one day…
One day I made a mistake, well not really so much a mistake as a lackluster painting. I started taping it as I painted and when I got to the end it just was not great, but rather than quitting I started layering. It became the piece I call “Ten Paintings, One Canvas.” As I finished that piece, I began to see how I might finally make this vision happen. The point I am trying to make is this, sometimes the ideas we get are right now and sometimes they are visions for the future. If you have an idea you and can’t figure out how to complete it or make it work, write it down, sketch it out and then let it go and get on with the other things God puts before you. Chances are there is just something you have to learn to make it happen. God knows the time just be faithful with each day.

About the piece…
I call it “Functional Saviors.” I first heard of the concept in a Mark Driscoll message and it intrigued me. It’s really idolatry, all the things we look to when we should be looking to God, all the things we put in front of God in our lives when we should be trusting in Him. These are the things we use to try to create the mythical perfect life and a heaven on earth…a return to paradise. This piece illustrates that there is only one way back to paradise and encourages all of us to strip away all that it takes to get back to the true meaning of our story, too the only way back to heaven, to Jesus Christ.

The following is the script. One last thing, and I say this with all humility, I believe this may be one of the best things I have ever been blessed to create and it tells a story a lot of people need to hear. Please if it blesses you, share it. Let’s take this video viral to the glory of God.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth
and on the earth he created paradise
a beautiful perfect garden as a gift for his most prized creation
the creation he created to love and gave the choice to love him in return
the creation was humanity.
and in the garden he planted a tree but it was more than a tree, it was a choice.
If you love me, don’t touch it or eat from it.
You can have anything else but don’t touch the tree.
Love me more than it’s beautiful fruit
Not long after they were tempted and they failed.
They did what we’ve done ever since.
chose forbidden fruit over God
and when they did paradise was lost.
Ever since then we’ve been trying to return
to create our own perfect lives
First we trusted in power
It’s escalated and grown and became more and more destructive but it never worked.
Next someone came up with a different kind of power and called it money
with it we could buy our own paradise.
it didn’t work either because our idea of paradise always demands more.
Since the nation of Israel rejected the leadership of God in favor of a fellow sinner named Saul we’ve trusted politics and politicians to build our paradise for us.
It never works, the crown is too big for any man.
We trust in our own strength
we trust our own intellect
We look for paradise in beauty and lust and romance and relationships
We obsess over celebrity and dream of a paradise life that seems a nightmare to those who actually live it as if we will be somehow different
We seek paradise in status, in possessions as if paradise can be found by one upping the Joneses.
and then somewhere along the line some seek paradise in religion
and they get painfully close to the truth, but they see it as a way of being elevated above others and lose the meaning and end up having a form of godliness while denying it’s power.
When the pain of paradise lost gets too much to bear some begin to try to self medicate and in the process waste their chance and the resources needed to make the world a better place.
We do all these things and many more, some good and worthwhile and some very bad and some very destructive but we place our trust in them to build a paradise, to build heaven on earth. I call them functional saviors. They’re the answers we look to because we reject the real answer.
But the world is still broken and filled with people with giant holes in their hearts that none of this stuff will fill.
Paradise is still possible but to get there we have got to strip it all away.

There is a way back, Paradise is not lost, but no functional savior will get us there. The way back is found in Christ alone. Those of us who know that truth must examine ourselves, purge our own idols and walk out our mission. We must serve others in Jesus name otherwise we glorify no one but ourselves and we must share the truth that will set them free while serving them to show them not just that we care but that God cares. Christ is the only answer. Christ is the only way answer. Christ is the only savior.

Back from vacation and I want to share my vacation project with all of you. Please share this video with others, I consider this to be one of the best things I have been blessed to make so far.

I’ll be the first one to admit it, this one started out as a mistake, well actually more of a misstep. I set out to document a new painting idea I had, but quite frankly it didn’t come out quite the way I wanted so I decided to paint over it. I was also experimenting with doing the video as stop motion so I decided to keep filming and what I came up with is probably my favorite video to date. What started out as a meaningless little experiment ended up being very profound to me.

The idea behind the video is pretty simple. Ten paintings on one canvas, one on top of another culminating in a self-portrait. To me, very simply it’s a reminder that when we look at someone, we never know what’s behind the surface unless we are willing to spend some time looking beneath the surface. More simply put, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Remember not all the pieces in this work are autobiographical though they become increasingly moreso as we go along. Strangely, I went into this piece not looking for any meaning to come out of it but as it moved along it became more and more meaningful. It even ended up being the illustration I used for my sermon on June 27 which can be seen on my Tangle page. I recorded this message in my studio prior to the service, as an experiment.

I am going to resist the temptation to explain all the elements of the video and let you make your own interpretation. As you’ll see in the sermon that is something I am not completely comfortable with. I usually like to explain myself so I am not misinterpreted but that is sort of the point of all of this.

When you look at people, resist the temptation to make snap judgements and actually get to know them. Meet them right where they are and find out what makes them tick. That’s sort of what Jesus did. We could argue that He already knew what made them tick, but no one could argue that He met people right where they are and took them where He created them too be. At least I know that’s what He did for me.