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We all have goals and if you don’t, you should. We map out a path, a nice straight line, how to get from A to B in the shortest amount of steps possible. It almost never works that way. A few obstacles, a few missteps and we start to doubt to that we’re on the right track. Add the faith component and a lot of bad teaching and it gets really convoluted. People have been taught for far too long that ease is a sign that God is in something while difficulty is a sign that He is not. This is patently untrue.

Instead, I think reaching our goals is a lot like a game of soccer, or football if you’re outside the U.S. We start off with a clear view of the goal at the other end of the field and we start to make a bee-line for it. Unfortunately there is a team of opponents and a goalie to keep you from reaching your goal. The straight line is now out the window. You have o fake left, cut right, adjust, adjust, adjust. All the while you move closer to where you want to be. It’s not a straight line, it’s a weaving, tangled mess, but the goal remains in sight. Finally you get your shot, only one obstacle remains. He shoots, she scores! GOAL!

Between you and your goal are obstacles to be moved around. Do what it takes and never take your eye off the goal. No soccer player has ever quit at midfield and said, “There are just too many obstacles, I quit.” Victory requires him to continue moving the ball forward, even if he has to do a lot of left and right and back and forth to get there. Oh and one other thing, it helps to be surrounded by a team with the same goal in mind. You don’t need them for every goal, but they sure are nice to have around.