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So many people are walking around miserable. Here’s the thing. A lot of it is a choice. Part of being happy is choosing to be happy. We don’t get to pick what happens to us, but we do get to choose how we act to it. This clip is a reminder to choose to be happy.

This week as I am away leading creative arts camp and more than a little concerned about my online connectivity, I decided I would share some great video content that will inspire you on upper creative journey. This first one is from one of my all time favorite speakers/storytellers, Andy Andrews with the story of a Civil War leader named Joshua Chamberlain. As you hear this story think about what it would mean if you made the decision that you would not give up under any circumstances. This is the kind of stuff that will encourage anyone on the verge of giving up.

Do you operate in Faith or Fear?

You need to check this out. What does it meant to persist without exception?