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My wife and I have been going to the gym. She’s doing phenomenally well, I’m both losing and gaining. Losing sleep and gaining weight. I’ve lost a hundred pounds this year, unfortunately it’s the same five pounds 20 times.

So what’s the difference between her and I? Well it’s two things. First she goes seven days a week, and with traveling and everything, I go less than that. She eats better than I do, but there is one thing that may be most important of all. She tracks her progress. She tracks calories on an iPhone app and uses a Fit Bit to monitor her exercise. Tracking your progress is a huge key to reaching your goals.

It’s not just weight loss. Tracking progress helps us to reach all kinds of goals. I am an avid reader and my work in ministry, not to mention my continuing education requires me to do a lot of reading. Also, as a blogger, publishers send me books for review. I love to read. A few years ago I decided I wanted to read a certain amount of books a year. This was made so much easier when I discovered which allows me to track the books I read, post reviews and more. On my home page, it will tell me how many books I have read so far and how many I am ahead or behind of reaching my goal. It’s been a great help to me.

Last year, when I was writing my book Enough. I decided to do it as part of NaNoWriMo. They have progress tracker on their site as well which allowed me to enter my daily word count and helped me to write a 50,000 word book in a month. It was God-send.

I love reading on my Kindle for a multitude of reasons, one of which is it tells me how much time I have left to read a chapter. This lets me know if I have enough time to start another chapter and will usually at the very least prod me on to finishing the chapter I’m already working on. It’s been a great help.

You don’t need a special device or an app or a website to track your progress. Just find the way that works for you. charting your progress makes the project less intimidating and you can watch yourself getting closer to your goal. It really works.

Now it’s great if you

goal222It’s getting to be that time of year when we set our goals for the coming year. I know some of you have been all over this for weeks already, but the rest of us are catching up. The thing with goals is they are kind of like those New Years Resolutions we make that are all broken by the end of the month, if it lasts that long. Why is it that we fail at meeting our goals so often. I think a key is sustainability.

My wife follows a number of fitness people online. The one person said she is frequently asked what diet people should follow. Her answer was telling. She said the diet you should follow is the one you will follow. This is amazingly accurate. The key to setting goals is to challenge yourself to go up a level while considering the time and resources you have available to meet those goals. The best goals to set are the ones you are passionate enough about to complete.

Case in point. I set a goal last year to create a piece of art every day this year. I knew I could get this done, but I also came at it realistically. I knew there would be days when I would not have time to create, and I try to take a day of rest each week, but I also knew there would be many days I would create multiple pieces, so it all balanced out. I have actually already gone well over 365 pieces this year, as my coloring books alone have gone over 400 pages. Also this is a daily blog, but I know there are days when I won’t get it done. (I am about three or four days behind as I write this, sorry.) My reality is, with all the diverse projects that I do, there are days where the time just gets away from me. Of course, there are other days where I get really inspired and write multiple posts. The point is at the end of the year, I will have posted 365 or more posts, the goal keeps me on task.

This year as you set goals, try to set goals you are passionate enough about to complete. Set god goals and follow through, then do all you can to make it happen.

This is different than those flimsy New Year’s Resolutions we all set and most of us drop by Groundhog Day. These are goals, setting the course and direction of your life. Now of course these things are subject to change by God’s leading and should be the subject of much prayer but we should also be trusting the Spirit’s leading and moving forward. I once heard a speaker say, “It’s easier to steer a moving car” and so it is with the Spirit’s leading.

I’ve been following Michael Hyatt for years. He is the former president of Thomas Nelson Publishing, a brother in Christ, and an expert in what it takes to reach and accomplish goals. His brilliant book Platform is a must-read for anyone with a dream. Michael Hyatt has published a free three part video to help us set and achieve goals. I intend to follow it and I think you should check it out too. Michael Hyatt is publishing a lot of great stuff on his blog.

Let’s reach our God-given goals this year and make it the best year ever to the glory of God.

This video blog message looks at the importance of setting a goal and a deadline and meeting both.