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So I saw the above video on Facebook the other way. No I’m not an evolutionist. To be clear the evidence of micro-evolution is everywhere, where small changes in creatures take place over time as species adapt to their environments. It’s macro-evolution, where one species becomes a totally different creature over the course of billions of years, with which I take issue, but this post is not about that. I watched this video with great fascination, and I almost shared it on Facebook, but then I read the comments underneath. They were ugly.

It always amazes me how some people can be so quick to belittle someone else’s deeply held beliefs. Disagreement I get, but the venom and nastiness is pretty tough to take. When I see a video like this, I marvel at it, and yes it’s true, I see it as evidence of my beliefs in a creator God. To me the complexity of everything around me rules out anything but intelligent design. Other people disagree with that, and that is their right. As a believer, my goal should be to pray and lovingly try to share what I believe. To be honest, after reading the comments, “lovingly” was not first on my agenda. No, I wanted to add to the ugly.

Oh it’s true. I wanted to call these people out. I wanted to highlight the hypocritical intolerance I saw in comment after comment. I wanted to refute every mean spirited thing I saw. I wanted to slam every person who made some ugly comment about the God I love. I wanted to jump into the fray and bash the bashers, especially the ones who were so mean to people who just wanted to marvel at what they see, what I see, as evidence of God. I wanted to throw their venom back. I’ll say it again, I wanted to add to the ugly. But is that what God wants? I don’t think so.

See every comment I make, does two things. First it spreads the venom. In my need to vent, I give the disagreeable behavior of the people in question a wider audience, all my friends, many of whom would also be tempted to add to the ugly. This would only escalate the matter. More importantly, when Christians add to the ugly, it entrenches people in their argument. It hardens their belief that there is no God and that is the last thing God would want. No, if we can’s speak the truth in love, we’re better off not speaking. When we see things that are disagreeable and even mean-spirited we need to remember why we’re here and remember our mission. My mission is not to make everyone be fair and kind and supportive of my beliefs. No my mission is to help people to come to belief in the one who loved me and freed me, in hopes that they will experience His love and be set free. Further our mission as creators is to create beauty that points to the Creator of beauty. I can’t do that if I add to the ugly.

Don’t add to the ugly.


I’ve been doing a new presentation in my speaking ministry on God’s creation and the more I dig into the science behind it, the more amazed I become.

Consider the amazing precision of God’s creation and how it all works. Here we are on planet earth. We are 93,000,000 miles away from the sun. If we were closer the planet would burn up if it was further away, we would freeze. But we’re not just out here floating in space. There is a lot going on.

For example, did anyone ever tell you to sit still. Well if anyone does, you should probably answer (respectfully of course), “I can’t.” Because you really can’t and I can prove it. You’re not sitting still and you never have. Actually you are riding the universe’s most amazing thrill ride and you don’t even know it. You are never actually stationary. because the earth you are sitting on right now is spinning at approximately a thousand miles an hour. But it gets better, the earth revolves around the sun. Each year the earth makes a 584 million mile journey around the sun. In order to complete this journey on time, the earth has to be moving at a rate of somewhere between 64,000 and 67,000 miles per hour. Would we slow down from that velocity we would probably be pulled into the sun, faster and the sun might lose it’s grip on us and send us hurtling into space.

It works similarly with the rotation of the earth. You see you’re not sitting on a nice flat surface. You’re sitting on the side of a ball. The reason you don’t fly off is because the earth is spinning at 1000 miles per hour. God has made this universe work perfectly. He is the Lord of all creation. He holds you in the palm of his hand…

…and He loves you!

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you will know I am a huge fan of Vincent Van Gogh. You can see more on that here and here. Today I found something that was even more fascinating. It appears in my all time favorite piece of Van Gogh art, Starry Night. It was a piece created at one of the lowest points of his life. A masterpiece and a brilliant work of art, but now it also appears that it may have also been a work of science. This TEDEd video explains more. It appears that in this darkest of times, Van Gogh portrayed one of the great mysteries of the universe. As I’ve expressed on several occasions, one of the things that this piece of art shows is Van Gogh’s disillusionment with the church but not with God. As I watched this video a thought had occurred to me, was what Van Gogh expressed here God’s way of showing the hurting Vincent He was still with him?

Watch this really interesting video and know this. Hard times are not a sign that God has left. He is right there with you and He will bring you through. Hold on to hope and keep expressing His beauty.

Roar!I’m re-reading a book I haven’t read in over 20 years—a book that pretty much changed my reading habits from “read as little as you can and only when you have to” to “voracious reader.” It’s Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. It’s a page turner from start to finish, and while it can be brutally violent (cloned dinosaurs running free on an island/amusement park, what could go wrong?) it is one of my all-time favorite books, a really smart thriller.

A strange thing is happening to me though, and it happens quite often these days. When I first read this book, I was in a much different place spiritually. I was fairly new to the faith and now I’ve gone quite a bit deeper and as a result my thought process is different. This brings forth some questions and I think some of these may be helpful to all of us as creatives. I spend lot of time on this blog talking about the arts, but to be clear, if creativity is problem solving, then scientists are some of the greatest creatives on earth. In reading Jurassic Park, there is little doubt in my mind that someone has already tried to bring back the dinosaurs and part of me wonders if anyone has succeeded. After alL, if Crichton was smart enough to write all this down, surely there has to have been someone over the last 20 some years who said “hmmm where can I get some amber?” (Insider book reference: They got the dinosaur DNA by extracting blood cells from the bodies of prehistoric biting insects preserved in amber.)

Regardless there are a few things we can learn from the pages of Jurassic Park.

Some things are better left to God
There may have been a reason there wasn’t a pair of T-rex’s on the ark. Maybe they went extinct because they were supposed to.

Greed is a great and terrible motivator
Even when it was clear that an amusement park full of dinosaurs was probably going to be a horrible idea, the amount of money invested (billions) and the amount of money that stood to be made (tens of billions) blinded people to the dangers. How many times have you kept yourself from pulling the plug on a bad idea simply because you had too much invested?

There is a time to walk away from a dream/vision
Usually it’s before you have to wonder “Did the T-rex eat my grandchildren?” (another insider reference). Dreams and visions are great things, especially when you’re sure they come from God. There are times however, when that line gets blurry. I remember a certain young artist who almost lost everything because he was sure art was his God-given talent. That artist was me. I was partly right, but the call was for what I am doing now, not sacrificing my family on the altar of being a rich and famous artist. I had to walk away from that dream to live in God’s vision for my life, creative arts ministry. Dreams and visions have to be handled carefully

And finally…
Just ’cause you can, doesn’t always mean you should!