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Well if everything goes according to plan today I will be going home. I leave Boise for Pennsylvania by way of… San Francisco??? That sure seems to be the roundabout route, probably close to a thousand miles out of the way (give or take). Friends this is a lot like our walk of faith. Sometimes everything feels really direct and others it feels like we go miles in the wrong direction, of if not the wrong direction, at least miles out of our way.


But here’s the thing, at the end of this day, Lord willing, I will be home in the arms of my wife. And at the end of our lives, no matter what circuitous route we end up taking, if Christ is our Savior, we will be home in the arms of the one who loves us most, even if the way there seems roundabout.

Are you on your way home? If you’re not sure, maybe it’s time to talk to Jesus.

Here’s a song called Roundabout, just because it’s one of my favorites.