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I’ve been doing some thinking lately on this topic. When it comes to my ministry and yours, what is our responsibility? It may not be what you think. Here’s what I mean. I tend to work really hard. While I know all glory belongs to God, I am also fully aware that I have work to do. There is a part in my ministry that is my responsibility. The thing is, more often than not, I get it wrong. You see I tend work as if the success or failure of the enterprise belong to me and that the outcome depends on me. That’s not the case.

The success of any ministry or other enterprise, totally and completely belongs to God. Because of this, that responsibility is His and that is a very good thing, because only He really understands what success means. Thing about Jesus. He worked for three years and ended up with a core group of 12 followers. That would get Him fired in a lot of churches today. That’s because we don’t understand success. Jesus invested in those 12 men and they in turn were used by God to change the world. Jesus’ ministry probably didn’t look like a success “on paper” but on the pages of God’s Word we see something different happen, success beyond measure, because God can use anyone to do anything. Success is His. It all depends on Him.

So if that’s the case, and it is, what is your responsibility, and mine? One word, faithfulness. We are told in Scripture to make the most of every opportunity and that is the key. You use your every God given gift, to the best of your ability and trust everything else to God. Too many people want to make serving God about their ability. They throw around words like excellence, and we should strive for excellence, but that begs a question. In the world of faithfulness, how do we define excellence? I believe there is only one way. Have we worked to the best of our ability today? In faithfulness, that is the best we can do. From there it is in God’s hands. This is important in every walk of life, but it’s crucial when you live in the very subjective area of the arts and creativity. Is Picasso excellent or is Rembrandt? Is Pollack excellent or is Van Gogh? The answer to all the questions is yes. They did their best, found their audience and blessed them. In creative ministry, the same rules apply. Bring your best to the table and trust God to use it to bless people, knowing full well that if we persist in working and bringing our best it will get better and better and bless more and more.

If you’re a creative, learn this now. You will not please everyone every time no matter what you do. So create work that pleases God and be faithful.

That’s your responsibility. Everything else is up to God.


You are gifted. Believe it. The Creator of the Universe looked across time and found the precise place where you fit into His plan. He created you, and at just the right time, He put you in place for the purpose of doing your part to move His Kingdom forward. He loves you, He trusts you, He believes in you and He made you for such time as this. He gifted you for such as time as this. You are His gift to the world and everything you have has been given you to reflect His glory into the dark corners of our world. You are in this world to effect it, to change it. He doesn’t need you but He desires you. He calls on you to be His child and to do the things He created you to do.

You can make a difference and He wants you to. Be prepared though. Making a difference (by its very definition) rarely involves doing what everyone else is doing. Instead, it involves trusting God enough to be righteous in an unrighteous generation. It involves you daring to be different, taking the narrow road, taking up your cross and always following the Master (Jesus) even if no one else does.

You are not here by accident, you were made on purpose, for a purpose and it’s our job to live on purpose to the glory of God.

We have a responsibility…

notmymonkeysMy wife has this saying. I’m not sure where she picked it up, but I like it. “Not My Circus… Not MY Monkeys!” It’s a reminder that there are things for which we are responsible and things for which we are not. It’s a really helpful saying especially for those of us who are in leadership. It can be really easy to take the blame for everything that goes wrong. To some extent, the buck stops here and yes we are our brothers keeper but we also live in a broken and fallen world and sometimes we can take unnecessary responsibility.

You are not God. The position of savior has been taken by one who is SOOO much mightier than you and me. So next time, rather than trying to own the problems of the world, take it to God in prayer and trust Him. If there is something you can do in the physical world, He will reveal it. Otherwise it’s His “circus…”

Pray without ceasing and trust He can handle it!
(If you need a reminder of this in your life… Click the image.)

You might look at me and say why does this guy have any reason to be discouraged. And you’re right, but there are times when I do get discouraged and a lot of it has to do with social media. I see comments people make, sometimes people who have been under my teaching and I wonder “Have I been heard?” “Has what I done been effective at all?” “Did it matter?”

The good news is, those are the wrong questions. If I have been faithful and I have tried to do God’s will, I’ve done all I can do, from there it is in God’s hands. All I can do is pray and prayer is a lot. That’s what I need to remember. When I am discouraged, I take it all on myself and when I take it all on myself, I don’t take it to the only one who can fix it. When I look at people who have gained from the work I have done, taking pride in that is a mistake, because any positive thing is God having done His work through me. Likewise, me taking the blame for people who seem to have not been listening, is misplaced. If I were making their choices for them the responsibility would be mine but it’s not. I need to speak up when I can and pray at all times.

Discouragement is normal, it’s also pretty useless. Instead give it to God and keep moving forward.

You may have noticed my posts have been a little sparse the last few days. I missed a couple of days and yesterday I just posted a short post about a truly nice little video. The reason for this is pretty simple, I was really sick. I am a little better but not totally out of the woods so I would appreciate your prayers.

Here’s what happened. I awoke feeling a little off but I had a presentation that evening and although I don’t consider what I do to be a show, in a sense “the show must go on.” A church asked me to come in to sort of kick off their Lenten season with my presentation Pictures of Jesus. The tough part about being a single person operation is the there is no one else to take my place. As the day wore on, I left work to go to the Dr., got some meds and went back to work. (I didn’t feel right about taking the day off only to go and speak in the evening.) By the time it was time to leave work and head to the church I was a shivering shaking mess. I thought about canceling about 100 times, but I knew people were depending on me. My wife, Dawn, ended up driving me there and helping me set up before heading off to her evening’s commitment.

I did the presentation and it went very well. I can’t explain that beyond saying all glory to God, because I know physically, on my own, I know I was unable. Dawn came back to help me pack out and drove me home. I was done.

I missed the next two days of work. I was literally unable, having spent the majority of those days horizontal and wrapped in blankets. I’m going back today, and mainly because I have a deadline that can’t be missed. Otherwise I’d still be in bed.

So why do I share this? Well first please pray for me that my recovery would be complete. Secondly, I want to tell you that serving God is not always easy, nor does he always remove every obstacle. Some days He even lets us get really sick right before we are supposed to do something for Him and His Kingdom. I don’t know why He would do that, but it would seem that maybe He wants us to depend on Him. When everything in me said quit, He came through. Thirdly, faithfulness and responsibility are really important. I was too sick to do the presentation but it was too late to cancel. People were depending on me so I had to be there. I did my best to be faithful and God honored that. Also with a looming deadline at work, though I could not go to work, I did spend some time yesterday, bundled up and on my laptop preparing some work for today. I may not have been able to be productive at the office, but I also couldn’t leave my employer in a lurch. Lastly, there are times where your body will make you rest. It’s best if you don’t let it get to that point.

Sometimes life throws obstacles at us. We have to be faithful and responsible.

Watch this 40 second video and see if you’re not impressed. This young lady really gets it. She understands her responsibility as an artist. Do you?