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owlcontrolI was trying to illustrate the idol of control for today’s presentation at the youth retreat at Pocono Mountain Bible Conference, and I ended up using one of my favorite projects. Look at the finished product and it looks like a somewhat mediocre cartoon painting of an owl. What it really represents is giving up control.

You see, when I make a painting, I try to control as many variables as possible. I sketch, I research, I have reference materials and I take my time and do the best work I possibly can. With this piece, I invited five students up to the canvas and allowed them to each make a mark on the canvas. I then used their marks to make the finished piece. It’s always tough to see the finished piece from their lines. I usually take a few seconds to pray and then I begin to move paint around the surface. From this piece I originally saw a fox, but then as I began to work the paint I began to see owl, which is what I finally did. Given the parameters of the project, and time limitations, I think it was pretty successful and it definitely proved the point I was trying to make.

owlcontrolsketchThe piece illustrates the fact that control is an illusion and that the only thing we truly control is what we do with what comes at us. We do the best we can with what we have and we prepare our skills as best we can to deal with the eventualities of life. Sometimes we have some measure of control and other times we have to play the cards we’re dealt. In all things though we can acknowledge that God is in control, seek Him for wisdom and more forward in faithfulness.

I ended up giving the piece to be given as a prize for some camper competitions and pray it blesses whoever won it.

Every once in a while I just want to laugh and this one is a classic.
Have a good laugh, go to worship and spend some time relaxing with the family. Remember, it’s no sin to take a break but it might be a sin not to.

If you’re in East PA in or near the Poconos, come see me at Pocono Mountain Bible Conference at 6:30. I’ll be painting and speaking with my new presentation, FORGIVEN.

Come and join us September 20 and 21 for the Poconos CREATE Retreat at Pocono Mountain Bible Conference, Clifton Township, PA. It’s going to be a great couple of days as we explore the gifts God has given us and how we can use them to His glory. For details go to the Poconos CREATE Retreat on this sight or contact Dave Weiss.

You can also sign up on Facebook.

Well this weekend was really awesome. Here’s a picture of me just getting started at Pocono Mountain Bible Conference.
I did two presentations in two nights, one at the Brandywine Summit Camp Meeting and the other at the aforementioned PMBC. Both were wonderful experiences and God was at work.

Here’s what’s interesting though. Up until Saturday morning I was sure I was doing a different presentation. I have a new presentation on Moses called The Prince of Egypt and the King of Kings (Paralleling the stories of Moses and Jesus) that I was pretty sure was perfect for both events. The closer it got to the event, the less peace I had about the presentation. In prayer I felt really led to do part of my Story: Parables of Jesus presentation. It happened so last minute that I didn’t even have time to get fresh supplies and had to use reused canvasses.

story posterNow just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with Story. I love it. It contains what might be my favorite Bible story of all time and I plan on doing it a lot more (You can help with that, contact me and bring me in.) I was just simply feeling that the Prince of Egypt presentation might be better for the folks I was speaking to. I was sure of it earlier in the week, but as my prayers continued, I kept feeling led to go in a different direction. Well a ministry that doesn’t follow the leading of the Spirit is headed for trouble so I decided to do Story instead. I am so glad I did. God really used it, several hearts were really touched. It ended up being far better than I could have conceived on my own. To God be the glory.

When in doubt, always listen to God. As a matter of fact forget the doubt part, just always listen to God.