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Phil Hansen is one of the most innovative guys out there making art today. He’s also sort of a creation of the YouTube generation as he creates his work on video and often when he is finished the original piece is destroyed. Such is the case with his latest piece. I don’t know why he did this one and I imply no political message from my site anyway, I just can’t believe how cool this came out.

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I have been a fan of artist Phil Hansen for a long time. His work is some of the most innovative brilliant stuff out there. What’s really interesting is what cause his innovation. You see Phil was an art student with, as he puts it, a single minded devotion to pointillism. Eventually the gripping of the pen for hours and hours making dot after dot did permanent nerve damage to his hand. He was left at a crossroad with a choice, quit art or learn a new way to make it. He opted for the latter and the world is richer for it. Watch the above video and check him out for yourself. This is an audition for Phil to become a speaker for the 2013 series of TED Talks.

If you like what Phil has to say I’m sure he’d appreciate your vote at;TEDNew-York

To see more of Phil’s amazing videos check out his website at

One of the most innovative ways to make art I have ever seen.

Phil Hansen is a true innovator in the world of art. He has pretty much redefined pointillism.
See more of Phil’s art at

Phil Hansen from has done it again. He asked people to share their shocking stories and turned them into a portrait of VanGogh. This is great stuff. I share it to fire your creativity. How could you use your gift to do something stunning and amazing?