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Phil Hansen is one of the most innovative guys out there making art today. He’s also sort of a creation of the YouTube generation as he creates his work on video and often when he is finished the original piece is destroyed. Such is the case with his latest piece. I don’t know why he did this one and I imply no political message from my site anyway, I just can’t believe how cool this came out.

Here are a few more



Okay so here’s the deal. I have been called a winter curmudgeon. I appreciate all that God gives, but snow and ice are among my least favorite of those creations. I think the fact that schools are forcing to change Christmas parties to winter celebrations is ludicrous… What are we celebrating, the icy roads? the back breaking shoveling? It looks pretty, but it can be so debilitating. Then I remember who made it and I realize I need to find a way to appreciate it. Artist Phil Hansen showed a way.

A couple years ago Phil was doing a series of works called Good-bye Art. The idea was that he would create a work on camera and then destroy it so the only place the art existed was on the video.

This piece shows once again, you can make art out of anything. Even snow. So next time it snows, say a prayer of thanks to God, who is always good and then…

Go make art!

I know I have shared Phil Hansen video before even on this topic of embracing the shake, but this one shows a remarkable new piece of art where Phil creates Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte out of a single line. There is so much in this clip brought to us by the folks from Mazda on creativity on embracing and making the most of out limitations and on and on that I had to share it. This is three and a half minutes that will inspire you.
Take a little time and watch it.

Once again, Phil Hansen, of, nails it as he shares a work of art made from the actual struggles and limitations people face. This is an extension of his Embrace the Shake Ted Talk. It an amazing work with an amazing vision.

Here’s what Phil has to say about the piece…

I spent a month in front of a LIVE webcam feed asking people from all over the world, “What’s your limitation?”, and creating a 9x13ft work of art called Refraction, which is completely made out of text. This documentary shows what I uncovered in the process.

What do you see as your limitations and how can you rise above them.

There are so many times when I hear artists and other creatives lament that they are missing something they need to be creative. Here are some videos from Eclectic Asylum and Phil Hansen that remind us, if you’re creative enough you can make art out of anything. You’re only really limited by your own imagination.

and this one is a little gross but now less creative (you’ve been warned!)

Now go and create something! No Excuses!

I know I just posted something on Phil a few days ago, but he nails it on this Ted Talk and every creative I know needs to see this. Phil deals with the creative power that comes from dealing with and even embracing limitations. It’s powerful. Please take ten minutes and check it out.

Some of you have seen Phil Hansen’s story on this blog before but since he is one of my favorite artists and he recently appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly, I thought I’d tell you again. Phil always dreamed of being an artist but doing massive amounts of pointillism caused him to have permanent nerve damage in his drawing hand, which caused his hand to shake. It could have been the end of his art career but instead he decided to “embrace the shake.” In the process, he became (in my opinion) one of the most inventive artists of our time.

What in your life feels like a liability? How can you turn it into an asset?
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