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I know I’ve shared this before but this is one of my favorite videos by one of my favorite artists, painting my favorite person, set to one of my favorite songs. Ladies and Gentlemen The Son of David painted by David Garibaldi to a tune by David Crowder. Happy Sunday!

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I am a huge fan of performance painter, David Garibaldi. This guy is so fast, so entertaining and so good. He has embarked on a new blog called ArtLife, which will show his art, share his adventures as a world traveling artist and on and on. It’s fascinating, inspiring stuff so far. I’m subscribing, you should subscribe too.

I follow performance painter Dan Dunn on Facebook. He did this as a tribute to Leonard Nimoy. This painting redefines amazing, but I will NOT be attempting this. It’s hard enough to nail the likeness when you’re looking at it.

I so want to do this. From Ukraine’s Got Talent.
You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

You’ll see a link just to the right of this page called Goal 2012. Basically this is my daily challenge for the year. Every day this year, my goal is to do at least one thing to advance the Kingdom and/or the speaking/painting/writing Juggernaut called AMOKArts. If you want to follow along on the journey, go to or click the link over there. >>>>

The Challenge
Good and bad are but names very readily transferable to that or this; the only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are our most potent at our most ordinary. And yet most of us discount our “ordinary” because it is, well, ordinary. Or so we believe. But my ordinary is not yours. Three things block us from putting down our clever and picking up our ordinary: false comparisons with others (I’m not as good a writer as _____), false expectations of ourselves (I should be on the NYTimes best seller list or not write at all), and false investments in a story (it’s all been written before, I shouldn’t bother). What are your false comparisons? What are your false expectations? What are your false investments in a story? List them. Each keep you from that internal knowing about which Emerson writes. Each keeps you from making your strong offer to the world. Put down your clever, and pick up your ordinary.

My Response:
First I want to say I disagree with Emerson’s assertion that “the only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it.” I believe that right and wrong a clearly defined by God in His Word. When we start to get into right and wrong as defined by me, things get cloudy and mirky. God’s way is the way to go.

Now let me also say I really agree with what the challenge writer posted about comparison. When we begin to compare ourselves to others, we begin to try to be like them and stop being what we were created to be or we walk away defeated because we are trying to be something we were never supposed to be in the first place. I’ve fallen into this trap many times. I’ve quit doing things because I don’t feel like I measure up to someone else. but what if I was supposed to invent a different way of doing it. Did Picasso quit because his work didn’t look like everyone else’s? No, and he became one of the world’s foremost artists precisely because of his difference.

False expectations will also kill you. How many people have quit something because they couldn’t be the best in the world (or even in their community) at what they do? I know I have. There is one thing I am the best in the entire world at and it is the one thing I can do beyond the shadow of a doubt. I am the best person at being THIS David Weiss (yes there are others and I can’t be them) in the entire world. My job then is to do that well. To clean up the edges, polish the gifts, submit that will to God and go forward in being who I am made to be. His plan for me is unique in the entire universe and my life is part of that plan for the universe. I don’t get to pick if it’s large or small, I’m just privileged to be a piece in that puzzle. Congrats, you’re a piece too. Did Bob Dylan give up because he is not the world’s best singer. No, he sang his song and became the voice of his generation.

It hasn’t all been done. You still have a part to play. Play it for all your worth. Give God your best and watch Him do His best in you. This prompt really made me think about all the Bible people (or at least the good ones). We look at them as if they were superheroes but with the exception of Jesus, they weren’t. The Bible is pretty good at pointing out their flaws and their foibles. They were ordinary people just like you and me. What made them extraordinary was simple and available to everyone of us even you and me. They were ordinary people who put their ordinary lives in the hands of an extraordinary God andthat made all the difference.

Bible Reading Guide
An important part of following God is knowing what He wants and a great way to know what He wants is to read His Word. Follow this plan and you will finish reading the Bible in a year.
1 Kings 15-16; Psalm 53
1 Kings 17-18; Psalm 115
1 Kings 19-20
You can also download your own chart here.



The Challenge:
Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the suffrage of the world. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in a society of advice columns, experts and make-over shows. Without even knowing it, you can begin to believe someone knows better than you how to live your life. Someone might know a particular something better – like how to bake a three-layer molten coconut chocolate cake or how to build a website – but nobody else on the planet knows how to live your life better than you. (Although one or two people may think they do.) For today, trying asking yourself often, especially before you make a choice, “What do I know about this?”

My response:
This is one thing I often share with people when it comes to sharing their faith in Christ. They inevitably talk about not sharing because they don’t know enough. It’s as if the only ones qualified to share this life-giving, life-changing message are people with a theology degree. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most pastors, most theologians are seen as paid salesmen by the people outside the church. Their response is usually far better when a trusted friend shares and invites them to faith. A friend is seen more as “satisfied customer” than “salesman.” There may be people who know a lot more theology than you, but you are the world’s foremost expert on your experience with Christ. This is a story no one can tell better than you. 1 Peter 3:15 reminds us to: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”

Tell the story you know best… Your story