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I spend a considerable amount of time on this blog talking about how God uses our creations to draw attention to Himself. He uses us to create things that draw people to Him, so to speak. I know this is somewhat flawed but God’s grace to and through us is sometimes put into words, but what I am about to say next is not.

How much of YOUR attention does He have? How is your connection to God? How is your relationship with Him? How are your devotions and other Spiritual disciplines going? This is something crucial that cannot be overlooked. I’ll be the first to confess that this can be an issue for me. There are times where I feel a real disconnect. What that usually means, at least for me is that I am spending too much time trying to do for God and not enough time with God. My focus drifts to things that I need to get done and I usually get them done and I believe that is by God’s grace. Also by His grace, He allows them to be effective (though I do wonder how much more effective they would be if I were a little less driven and a little more focused on Him). I wonder how many people have been take off track with God because they are over busy and out of touch.

Guys, it’s this simple, He is the vine and we are the branches. He is our power. He is our source. Can we make it on our own? Probably for a little while, but it’s not what He desires and it’s not what I desire either. If you feel like your connection with God has faltered it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing and make some adjustments. Maybe you need a retreat, or just a day or two in prayer and the Word. If it’s gone on for a long time, you may need more.

One of the great things about His grace is, in that grace, I believe He makes us more sensitive to this happening. Does He have your full attention? Do you need to refocus? As Christian creatives our best work will always be born out of our connection to our Christ. Anything less is really not worthy of your time. always remember the One who created the universe took a Sabbath. And if He, having no need of rest took one, maybe your should. Do I have your attention?

Does He?

Last night I got a call to be a part of a city-wide revival in the capitol city of my home state. I am excited to be a part of it but as I was thinking about the invitation I realized the chain of events that led to the invitation. It’s pretty cool.

About four years ago, in the middle of winter, I was sitting in the Newark NJ airport waiting to board a flight for sunny FL to see an old friend and minister at four or five churches. I was excited to be able to get out of the cold for a few days and to have the opportunity to share God’s Word. I was sitting there, “minding my own business” (which I guess is not really the case as we shall soon see.) when I heard the group of people behind me saying things like “Mexico” and “mission trip.” My curiosity was piqued so I left minding my own business behind and started to chat with them. It turns out they were from a church about an hour from my home and they had a pretty thriving art ministry. From there the conversation expanded to the point where I was sketching for them and they anointed me for my ministry trip. It may be the best time I have ever had in an airport.

Well, of course, as soon as I got back from Florida, I made contact with them and they put me in touch with the director of their art ministry, who has since become a great friend of mine. We’ve done a few things together here and there, but it hadn’t worked out for me to be able to work with their team, until now. Four years later, all the pieces have fallen into place to do something really cool together and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Why do I share this story? When it comes to the Kingdom of God, “minding your own business” is really overrated. Better to pray for and look for opportunities to meet other believers, share your gifts and see where God is leading. A big part of this is being mindful of those who are around you. This is how you see the people who might need your help and sometimes the people who can help you. God is always at work and you never know what He will do, so you need to…

Be Mindful!