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Jesus was in the grave, the grave was sealed and many people thought it was over. It was the Sabbath and in a sense, Jesus rested in the tomb. It was a borrowed tomb, but that was okay. He wasn’t going to need it very long. Friday has passed. The disciples were in hiding and that Saturday had to be long, dark and silent. Sometimes we all have days that feel like they will never end. Hard days where it’s hard to find hope. If you’re in that place, hold onto hope because Sunday is coming. He is risen! Hope is here.


I had an awesome day Easter Sunday, preaching two services, and proclaiming the risen Savior, before celebrating with family, always a great day. This mean I didn’t actually post this til Monday morning. Sometimes priority dictate getting off the computer. Anyway, I still wanted to share something for that day so I give you what may be the best Easter song ever, Arise My Love by NewSong. If you have not heard this song yet, you owe it to yourself to listen. If you have heard it, listen again and take encouragement. This is telling a better story (okay the greatest story) in music.

It was frustrating beyond belief. I think stress and self-control are close friends and sometimes I will confess I envy those who can explode and move on. Then I remember self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and stress probably also comes when I forget who is in control and try to fix the unfixable in my own power. There are times when this life is profoundly unfair and times when the hypocrissy in our world would be laughable if it didn’t hurt so much. I think we all get there on occasion and it’s in those times we need to refocus.

Today a friend joked that she got through most of the season without hearing this song. Well I have somehow managed to get through 50 years without hearing it so I looked it up. All I can tell you is, for a man who needed perspective, this was a good find. This is Newsong telling a better story…

Look guys, this world is profoundly broken, so broken that the only one who can fix it is Jesus. He is our only hope, so those of us who know Him must tell the story. We should not be surprised if we are hated for it, He promised we would be. We should not be surprised that life is unfair, He was perfect and was murdered for His trouble. He is the one who calls us to a better story. He is the one who calls us to create and encourage. Discouragement and fear are tools the enemy uses as he tries to strangle the last bits of good from this world. We only lose when we quit.

The song reminds us that the world is full of people much worse off than we are, people who could use a little help, a kind word, and the blessing of the One who came to set us free. When we get caught up in the mess the world is in, we forget to be the solution. So stay on task and on target. We need to be help and hope and love in a world of hate. There is a war going on and, like it or not, we are in it. No matter how it looks, we win.

So go out there and love somebody! Tell a better story and live a better story.