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My son Chris and I are both artsy types, and neither of us are really into sports that much. As a running joke, when someone is talking sports stuff, one or the other of us will usually say, “Goooo Sports.” Now that’s not to say that I have no knowledge of sports at all, I love football and NASCAR racing, but I’ve had very little interest in the other sports. I’m really not into basketball for example. Now there was a brief shining moment when I would watch some playoff games, mainly with my older son Brandon who was a fan of the Chicago Bulls. This was during the era of Michael Jordan. That man could fly. I loved to watch Jordan play, even if really wasn’t that into basketball.

The other day I saw a post calling Mr. Jordan the GOAT, and my first thought is oh no, another great man falls to a scandal. After all why else would someone call someone as great at Michael Jordan such a mean name? (Yeah, I know, “Goooo sports!”) It wasn’t long before I saw another post saying that in fact Lebron James was the GOAT. “Oh, no”, I thought, “What did he do?” I mean I know I haven’t been following basketball for a decade or two, but even I know Mr.James is a human highlight reel, and I am also aware of the amazing charitable work he is doing. How could anyone call him a GOAT?

It was about this time that someone put me out of my misery and explained that GOAT is an acronym for “Greatest Of All Time.” It wasn’t long after that I saw commentator Jalen Rose get into a humorously heated argument with another analyst over which of these two was the GOAT, the other man having said that James would beat Jordan in a one on one game to seven by a score of 7-3. Now of course there is no way to know who is the NBA GOAT. There are too many extenuating factors, and the two of them are quite a few years apart in age so it would not be fair to put them up against each other today. Short of someone invention a time machine the GOAT question will remain unanswered.

Now why am I writing this, to an audience that has more than a few people who could care less about the NBA (Gooo sports!) Because there is tremendous pressure on people in all fields to be great, especially in high profile sectors like the arts and ministry. Will you ever be the GOAT in your field? The odds are against it, but the incredibly good news is that’s not your job. Your job instead is to be the best you you can be (maybe that is a GOAT of a kind), doing the best you can with what you have been given to the glory of God. This means we could take a page from the Jordan/James playbook, so to speak. They are among the greatest ever to play their game because of intense work ethic, and we can do the same. develop your gift, use it for all you’re worth and let God take care of the greatness part. See the truth is, we can’t be the greatest of all time, because we serve the greatest of all time. forget the praise of men, live to hear Him say well done and trust Him to bring you to where He wants to take you and to reward your efforts.

He is the GOAT, let Him make you as great as He wants you to be.

So many people, myself included, fear failure. I saw this graphic online and I think it serves as a good reminder:


The above statement is absolutely true. There is virtually no creativity without failure (unless you happen to be God) so if we are going to be creatives, it’s kind of pointless to fear failure. Everyone of these people was considered a failure, not good enough, and on and on. Can you believe someone thought Walter Elias Disney lacked imagination??? It seems ludicrous now but at one point, everyone of these greats, all of whom are now seen as the pinnacles of their respective crafts, was labeled a failure and rejected.

There was a failure here alright… a failure to see the greatness each of these folks possess and that fail was epic. But I want you to see something else. The reason every one of them rose to greatness was because they rejected the idea that they were a failure and pressed on. Look guys, not everyone is going to get you. Some people are going to think your work is garbage. Ignore them. You’re not a failure. You’re the creation of the only creative who has never, not even once failed. You cannot be a failure because your Creator has never failed. So press on. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off ask God to confirm your direction and press on.

You can do everything God has created you to do. Stick with it. You may have some bumps in the road, even some changes in direction, but there is success beyond the feeling of failure for those who will keep going.