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This was the first thing on my Christmas list this year. truck
I saw it online and knew I had to have it. It’s a Revell/Monogram model kit of a 1926 Mack Tank Truck.

I know, I know, it must seem a little childish, but there’s a lot more to this than a grown man playing with toys. To understand, you would really have to have known my nana, Beatrice Steininger. If you asked me to name the one person who made me an artist, (besides God) it would be nana. From the time I was old enough to hold a crayon, she put crayons in my hand. She bought me puppets and ventriloquist dummies and paint kits, she even gave me a beret once (it’s okay I’ve long since forgiven her.) My mom had a lot to do with it too so did some other wonderful folks, but most of my early creative memories revolved around nana. And there was one other thing nana got me all the time. Model kits. She’d take me to Zern’s auction in Gilbertsville and we’d go to the hobby shop and she’d let me pick one out every time. Then we would go home and I didn’t go to bed until it was done. Oh how I loved doing that. As I got older, I’d paint them and take more time and slowly it became more of a creative pursuit and another seed that pushed me toward being an artist.

This kit is a rerelease of one that my nana bought me all those years ago. The price has gone up about 600 percent, but building it brought back a flood of memories and I had a great time remembering nana asI built it. The smell of the glue and the paint, the stickiness of the glue on my fingers, all of it brought back fond memories.

There is another reason I share this. If you’re a creative, you may see your craft as your hobby and indeed art is one of my favorite things to do but if you get really serious about it, there are times where you might need a diversion from it and that’s okay. Sometimes the best thing you can do to build your creativity is step away and do something else for a little while. This Christmas was a bit of a stressful time for me, and having this little plastic truck to build allowed me to unwind a bit, just have fun and rest in some very fond memories.

It was just what I needed.