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Be sure to check the sentiment at the end.

For our Christmas Message This Year we’re going to look at the most AMOK Christmas song of them all, The Little Drummer Boy. Merry Christmas!

Ane here is a great version of the song from Jars of Clay.

The Little Drummer Boy!
Now I know what you may be thinking, that song is so unbiblical. There was no Little Drummer Boy. Or you might be thinking only a percussionist would think a drum solo was an appropriate gift for a baby and if you think those things, you’re right on all counts. But Jesus isn’t a baby anymore and now it’s entirely appropriate.

Think about what the drummer boy says in the song. Essentially, I don’t have a gift worthy of a king, but I can play my drum for Him. He doesn’t stick with the excuse that he doesn’t have enough, He looks at what he has been given and does that for Jesus.

I’ll play my drum for Him. I’ll play my best for Him.

That’s pretty much the philosophy of AMOK. Take what you’ve been given, give it your best and give it to God. If you play a drum, play it for God’s glory. If you paint pictures or write stories or whatever else you do, do it to the glory of God.

Each one should use whatever gifts He has received to serve others… 1 Peter 4:10.

What is the gift you bring, to set before the King?

Pa Rap Pa Pum Pum