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prayerofprotectionThe date was May 15, 2004. It was a day I’d like to forget but I doubt that will ever happen. It was the day I had a heart attack. It was a mild one, a wake-up call really, and I now know God used it to do a work in my life, but on that day I was terrified. As I laid in the ICU, my mother-in-law came to see me and read me Psalm 91. While I am sure I had read it several times before, it never hit home like it did on that day of fear and trembling. There is such tremendous hope in this passage of Scripture.

Fast forward to today. I just finished reading the book, The Prayer of Protection by Joseph Prince. I have to admit, I only read this book because it was offered to me by his publishing company for free so that I could review it here. It’s not that I had anything against Pastor Prince, I had just never heard of him and I have a lot of books. I am extremely grateful for that email because this was a really good book and I will no doubt look up more of his books in the future.

In The Prayer of Protection, Prince breaks down Psalm 91 verse by verse and offers this Psalm as a prayer for God’s protection. This book is a head scratcher in the best sense of the word. I have to admit I struggled at times because it almost seemed to easy. Pastor Prince simply believes that we can pray this Psalm against the plans of the enemy over our lives. At first I really wanted to debate this. After all, I’ve seen bad things happen to people who love the Lord and so, I’m sure, have you. What made me scratch my head though was thinking, “Why am I pushing back against this?” What if I prayed this prayer in faith and took God at His Word. After all, that would be what I would instruct others to do. What if God wants to bless us with even more protection, and we need only to take Him seriously and trust in Jesus who paid the price for us? t the very least this book got me thinking more about praying God’s Word over my life and the lives of the people I love. After all, I use this passage often to give people peace and comfort in the tough times of their life. Maybe God means it for more. It is at the very least worthy of consideration.

Prince peppers the book with personal testimonies from people who have experienced God’s protection in the various ways described in the pages of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it got me to really consider “the prayer offered in faith” as James tells us. The book made me challenge the way I look at prayer and I am happy for the challenge. I will be committing Psalm 91 to emory in the weeks ahead. That challenge alone was worth the time it took to read the book. It’s a good read.

prayerofprotectionWe might call ourselves creatives, but God is the ultimate Creator. We may call ourselves artists, but God is the greatest artist, and just as we work in art, so does our Lord. This was made apparent to me today as I was reading Joseph Prince’s The Prayer of Protection. I received an advance copy of the book for the purposes of review and I am getting to that, but I am also reading it as research for a message on prayer. Knowing almost nothing about Prince, I was not sure what I would think of his book, but I have to admit he called out an image in Scripture that I had not considered before.

He is writing about the Ark of the Covenant, while talking about how God wants to gather us under his wings seeing God as our refuge. He references the mercy seat on the ark, covered by the wings of golden cherubim, and he reminds us of what is inside the ark.

“Three items were placed inside the ark of the covenant: the stone tablets on which God inscribed the Ten Commandments, a golden pot of manna, and Aaron’s rod that had budded. The three items typify man’s rebellion—man’s rejection of God’s holy standards, man’s rejection of God’s provision and man’s rejection of God’s appointed leadership. God took these symbols of man’s rebellion and failure and placed them in the ark of the covenant, and covered them with his mercy seat. It’s a beautiful picture of his unmerited favor over our lives, how mercy triumphs over judgment. This is the secret place where God wants you and me to live each day—not under the claws of judgment, punishment and condemnation, but under his wings of mercy, grace and favor. This is the place of divine protection.”

Is he right? I don’t know but it is certainly worthy of consideration. I had not seen this imagery before and yet now I am having a having a hard time seeing anything else. I always just kind of assumed that the items in the ark were symbolic of God’s law, how provision, and his leadership. I had not considered the fact that all of them also reflect rebellion and rejection. This much I do know. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and to reject Him is the only unforgivable sin. God works in images fairly often in Scripture and sometimes those images have multiple layers that deserve closer examination. Our work should be the same. We should continually go deeper in our love for the Lord, in our learning about and from the Lord and in developing those things we to to His glory.

We live in His mercy, lets continually go deeper and do what we an to take others deeper as well.