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My friend Jason Leith is the creative arts director at Saddleback Church. A few years ago, he did a really unique project called Sacred Streets where he created portraits of people he met on the streets of Skid Row, largely on found objects and turned them into iconic images. This project is right on so many levels. What a great way to use your gifts to serve the Lord.

If you can make your way to Boise, ID this July, this would be well worth your while. Jessie Nilo and her team at VineArts Boise, Have put together a real awesome conference called the Creative Church Conference. The lineup is going to be amazing, some of the great minds in creative arts ministry (and to a lesser degree… me) are going to gather to talk about all things related to Creative Arts Ministry, not to mention times of creative worship. This is going to be a wonderful time! I hope to meet you there!
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