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So yesterday I posted a couple pieces of my cartoon work on a Facebook group that I thought would really appreciate them. For the record most of them did, but one guy posted some really inappropriate comments on them. Well I always try to make sure that I might never lead anyone astray, and I know there are some kids on that group, so just to be safe, I removed the posts. So far no problem. Then I made a comment about how I really didn’t appreciate having to take my art down because someone couldn’t control their urges to post inappropriate things. I thought that would be the end of it. Well a friend, decided to turn that post into a commentary on how this is just more evidence of life in “Trump’s America.” Now to be clear, there was nothing political in either the post, nor the art, a cartoon ram and a cartoon rat. I was making a comment on not appreciating vulgarity.

Well of course once a political comment had been made. People started taking sides and things just deteriorated from there. Here’s the thing. I am trying increasingly hard each and every day to stay apolitical, especially online, because politics are not my calling. My calling is to serve a God who is above politics. With the polarization of this nation the last thing I want to do is strap myself, or my church or my God to a political party. Rather I want to help people to come to know, love and follow the only One who can fix the mess we’re in. It’s pretty frightening how quickly things can turn in that direction in this polarized time in our history.

I closed things out with this comment. “Hi my name is Dave I draw funny pictures, paint more serious pictures and try to share the love and gospel of Jesus… That’s all folks…” This morning I wrote and penciled a comic that will clarify my position. I’ll share it here tomorrow.