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When I say “Imagine a Better World” what comes to mind? Please share you answer in the comments.

imagineabetterworldI recently had someone say something to me that at the offset didn’t make sense. He was sharing with me something about my ministry. He started talking about me all these years of doing a lot of little things and that he felt they would culminate in something big. I hadn’t really thought about it like that. I always kind of do these things because I feel led to do them and release them to the world, but the more I thought about it the more I could see it. I do a lot of stuff and I post a lot of stuff and I speak at a lot of places and paint a lot of pictures, but what is it ultimately all about. It’s actually pretty simple.

I imagine a better world.

I think its from the heart of God and though I know that things get worse until Jesus returns I also know with every fiber of my being that the number one thing we believers need to do is to be found faithful when He returns. We need to be working toward making the world a better place. I can see it.

So you might ask, what does this better world look like? I can’t see it all, but here’s what I know. My life, while still imperfect, saw a marked improvement when I gave my heart to Jesus. I started to care about something bigger than myself. I started to use my gifts to serve Him (mostly by serving others) and there was a radical transformation. Now imagine that more and more people would grab ahold of that. Imagine people of every skill set bringing their best to the table for the good of others. Imagine a world full of people trying to follow the teachings of Jesus and using the gifts and talents that God has invested in them to make things better and draw people to Jesus. It won’t be perfect, it won’t be Panacea but wouldn’t it be better? Imagine people loving like Jesus and serving like Jesus and helping others to find Jesus and replicating (Jesus called that making disciples). It won’t be paradise and surely not everyone will be on board, but it will be better. Many lives will be changed, transformed, renewed. It’s the soul of the Great Commission. I believe this is why the church exists. I believe this is why I exist.

This is not me being grandiose. This is not me thinking more of myself than I ought to. To me this is what a life submitted to Christ looks like. If God will use me to change one life, the world get’s a little better. If the Lord works through me to transform many lives, the world gets a lot better. This is the ultimate goal. This is what, with God’s help, I will pursue. I imagine a better world and I will work with everything Christ put in me to make it so. When my master returns, with God’s help, I will be found faithful.

Will you join me? Let’s imagine a better world, use the gifts God has invested in us, and work to make it so.

Question of the day: What do you see when you imagine a better world?