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I see so many artists on-line who complain that their work isn’t up to par. They compare themselves to others and feel like something less. It’s easy to do and it happens to us all… and it’s POINTLESS. Look, your work today is not your best work. You might think, “He hasn’t seen my work, how can he know?” I know, or a lest I hope. You see if we artists are faithful, our best work is forever before us, because we keep bringing our best to the table every day. If we continue to do that, our work will continue to improve. Keep at it, and in the mean time do the best you can today, hold your head high and enjoy the journey. Challenge: Tall

Maybe it’s because school started this week but I just couldn’t get this child-like illustration of a Giraffe made out of the letters spelling the word “tall.” (Yes I know the “L’s” are backwards, call it artistic license.) I know it’s pretty elementary but it was fun to do and it got me thinking.

Did  you ever wonder why you were made the way you were made? I think we all have things in ourselves that we’d  like to change. If that’s you,  consider the giraffe. That long neck has to be a, well, a pain in the neck, but it is actually a perfect design. As a matter of fact here is a whole article about the unique anatomical characteristics designed into the giraffe just to make it work. Ultimately God created an animal capable of eating from the tops of the trees. The giraffe is perfectly designed for what it was intended  to do.

Perhaps so were you. Short or tall, God made us all.