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The book of Proverbs portrays wisdom as a wonderful female sage to be pursued at almost all costs. Not knowledge, although that is also important, but wisdom. Don’t get me wrong, I love knowledge too and I seek it daily but I also agree with Paul who wrote, “We know that “We all possess knowledge.” But knowledge puffs up while love builds up.” I’d rather build up than be puffed up. Knowledge is important, but love is more important and so is wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge rightly applied. Wisdom is reflected in wise living, good choices, godliness and common sense. Ah common sense… If wisdom is a wise female sage, common sense is her beautiful sister and I am sorry to report, she has been under near constant attack and is currently on life support and fading fast.

Every day social media seems to be blowing up with some new story. Controversy rules the day and it feels like people puffed up on knowledge but short on wisdom, not to mention love, rage at each other and tear everything down and it’s not getting better. My confession is I usually end up wanting to join them. I’m not immune to opinion and controversy and I believe I have a reasonable amount of knowledge, but the thing is, I don’t want to add to the noise. I have opinions and needless to say, I think they’re right, otherwise I wouldn’t hold them. I’ve come to the point of wondering is the best thing I can do to share them or is there something more important. I’ve decided there is so my pledge to you is, I intend to try to stay out of the controversy and pursue something higher. I want to walk in wisdom.

You see I’ve come to a conclusion. Seeking political solutions to these problems is akin to idolatry. We act as though the leaders we select can fix what is broken in this world and they can’t. We act as though ease and comfort are signs that God is pleased with us as a nation. They clearly are not. We act as though our advanced knowledge will triumph over all the brokenness in our world and that’s not true either. Knowledge puffs up but love builds up. There is only one man who can fix what’s broken. His name is Jesus. He is our only hope. Conventional wisdom says mankind can fix all of our problems. Well, conventional wisdom has proven to be neither. We need Jesus and so from this point forward, my efforts in all public contexts will be to advance His cause. I have faith. He can fix what’s broken.

Last night, I spent the evening with my grandson. He’s two and it was fantastic. Every time I look at him I think about the great blessing he is to me. When I think about the world we are leaving him and all the others like him, I grieve. We have got to do better. Our leaders will not fix this nation. If you were to throw them all out and replace with them with the people who opposed them, it wouldn’t get any better. Men and women can’t fix the mess we’re in. We need real wisdom. Supernatural Wisdom. We need God. Let’s work together, submitting our gifts to the One who gave them, to turn this nation to the Truth that will set us free. Truth is a person, Truth has a name. His name is Jesus.


I found this cartoon online and it showed something most artists have faced in their lives.
Who among us hasn’t heard, “Why don’t you do something more practical? Be realistic. You can’t make a living as an artist. What’s your fall back? You’ll STARVE!” I heard it. It’s why I went to school to be an electronics engineer. It was something for which I had no aptitude and no ability. I flunked out in a year and set about to do my life’s work and while it has not always been glamorous, okay it mostly hasn’t been glamorous, the size of my gut proves I have not starved.

It wasn’t easy, but what good thing is? This broken twisted road to the arts and ministry (something I never considered early on) has turned into a pretty good life. God has blessed me. I want to finish with this. There is nothing in this world more practical for you to do than the thing you were created to do. Finding that is half the battle, but once you’ve found it… What a life!

Love the people who want you to be practical, they care and they’re looking our for you. They want to set you on an easier path. But the easier path isn’t always (or even usually) the right one. Look at your gifts, your talents, be honest with yourself and do what you were created to do.

In the end that’s the most practical path.

davepaintslambWe live in a world where things are changing at an unprecendented pace with no sign of slowing down. How does the church respond to all this change. Very creatively. Let’s face it, no matter how much things change, the message of the Gospel remains the same and rightfully so, the Gospel is the hope of Christ to our broken world. So how do we take that unchanging message to an ever changing world? Again, very creatively!

I’m not saying change the message, it’s the Word of God and it’s good all by itself. I’m saying that God has empowered His people in the church to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth in a multitude of ways, designed by God Himself to reach a multitude of people. Is your church tapping into that creativity? Is it utilizing all of its people in all their glorious giftings? I’d like to help. You see I was one of those people. A new believer, struggling to find where I fit in the system. I’m not musical and I was terrified to speak in public. Those are the two main gifts we use in the church. Then one day something awesome happened. My pastor found a use for my gift and gave me permission to use it (art, in my case) to serve the Lord. It radically changed my life. Today I go to churches all over the US and preach and teach and use my gift of art to reach unbelievers and challenge believers to find and use their gifts.

That’s what I’d like to do for your church. I’d like to come in and share my gift and be used by the Lord to fire the imaginations of church members and churches alike. I’d like to share the Gospel with your community, but I’d also like to talk to the person who thinks his gift has no use in the Kingdom and I’d like to help the congregation to imagine what it would be like if all these diversely gifted people were putting their God-given gifts to serve the Lord in the church and community. How many people in your community could be reached if you just got a little creative?

I’m here to help. Contact me at for more information.