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One of the things that has always eluded me, has been finding a creative group to work with. Part of the reason I travel and minister alone has been that getting creative people to work together is like herding cats. Well, for the next few months at least, I found my tribe. A few months back I got an email from the The Peter Becker Community, a retirement community. They were emailing me in my capacity as a pastor, just hoping to get a few folks to volunteer to help out with their annual flower show. Now, scratch what you might be thinking of as a flower show, because this is bigger. It’s a plethora of beautiful flowers displayed in dramatic sets, more of a walk through wonderland than what you might be thinking of when you read flower show. It’s impressive, but that’s not what got my attention. What got my attention was the theme:

Superpowers and Flowers

I thought maybe they could use my cartooning skills, so I volunteered. Sure enough, that was something they were looking for. Well yesterday, I got to speak at the kick off meeting and meet some of the folks who will be taking my designs and bringing them to life and it was awesome. These are people who are willing to put their imaginations and their skills  to work to create something truly remarkable. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

I shared my message “Hurried, Buried and Worried” with them. It’s an interpretation of the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25, and the idea is pretty simple. God has invested something in each of us, at least one talent. It is something of great value which belongs to Him, that He wants us to invest for the sake of his kingdom. These people are ready to step up and do something great for their community. But how about you?

First off, whether or not you have a talent, in not in question. God has invested something in each of us. Your gifts and talents are God’s investment in you. In a way, they actually show that He believes in you. The question for each of us is will we be faithful with what He has given, putting it to work for His glory, to serve others and draw others to Him, or will be bury it. Maybe you have something buried. If so, maybe it’s time to go and dig it up. This year, take what you have been given and put it to work, trusting God to do something great with it.

Use your gifts to serve the Lord and serve others, and see what God will do with it. I can’t wait to share photos of what we do as things progress. In the mean time, above is a picture of one of our “Super Seniors.” We call her Hyacynthia.

If you’ve been around for any length of time on this blog, you know that a guiding verse of this ministry is “Each one should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others…” 1 Peter 4:10 I love that verse and I love it even more when it manifests. My denomination has a wonderful retirement community not too far from the church I pastor, and we frequently do things with them. It’s always a great blessing. Well one of the things they do is this huge flower show, each year. It’s really an incredible undertaking.
One day in my email, I saw a note looking for volunteers to help out. When I saw the theme of the show this year, I knew this one was for me. It’s super powers and flowers—a superhero theme. I fired off a note saying I would love to help out and told about my passion for cartooning and comic art. Today we met to discuss the parameters of the event. One of the things I love is how much they get the residents involved. There is a wide assortment of really incredible gifts there. I just think that’s great. I not only get to do what I love, but I get to collaborate with a large group of creatives who will get an opportunity to do what they love. It’s a golden opportunity given my gifts and passions and I could not be more excited to get started.

It never ceases to amaze me all the different ways this really non-traditional gift God has given can be used his glory. But here’s the clean little secret… everything God gives is intended to be used to His glory that’s why the verse says “whatever…” So what have you been given? Far too many people think if their gift is one of the big three “churchy gifts” (preaching, teaching and music) it has no use in the Kingdom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take what you have been given and put it to work. Volunteer, let people know you’re out there and do all God has given you. You never know what God can use, but God does and He wants to do great things through you.