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Wishing you a very blessed Easter Sunday. He is Risen and with Him comes HOPE!


Jesus was in the grave, the grave was sealed and many people thought it was over. It was the Sabbath and in a sense, Jesus rested in the tomb. It was a borrowed tomb, but that was okay. He wasn’t going to need it very long. Friday has passed. The disciples were in hiding and that Saturday had to be long, dark and silent. Sometimes we all have days that feel like they will never end. Hard days where it’s hard to find hope. If you’re in that place, hold onto hope because Sunday is coming. He is risen! Hope is here.

I’ve had this piece in my mind for a while. It’s a little on the nose interpretation of John 3:16. God loves the world so much that He gave His One and only Son. His love for the world causing His blood to flow to rescue us all. I was pretty pleased with this piece, but the question is, what do you think? Does this express God’s love in a way that might touch someone who might be looking for God?

Well there were no takers to share what you’re doing for Easter this year, but as promised, I want to share what I’m going to do here. A couple years ago, my pastor did a series called Jesus through Isaiah’s Eyes. He went to the prophecies of Isaiah regarding the birth of Christ. It was a fascinating series. I even made some short video intros for the series, like this one.

Well I’ve decided to do something similar this easter season. I’m still toying with the title, I was thinking of Eyewitnesses to Easter but that may not work since I want to look at Isaiah’s prophecy about Jesus’ death which was about 70 years before the event, so was he really an eyewitness. Also it’s more holy week than Easter, but I’ll figure it out. In addition to Isaiah, I want to look at the events through Mary’s eyes, Peter’s eyes and possibly the centurion’s eyes or one of the Angels at the tomb’s eyes (I’m still thinking/praying through this but it should give some unique perspectives and getting people thinking.)

When it comes to holidays, the most Christians seem to emphasize Christmas, and the birth of Christ, and the incarnation are immensely important, but let us never forget, the purpose of Christmas is Good Friday and the purpose of Good Friday is Easter. The Easter story is the essence of Christianity. This is not a story we can afford to gloss over as if we know it all. Anything we can do to help people look at this unchanging story with fresh eyes is a step in the right direction.

So I’ll ask it again. How will you express Easter this year.

ccwSo here we are, rushing headlong into the Christmas season. The thing is, in creative ministry, the things we do usually take quite a bit of preparation, so by now we would be working well ahead of Christmas. To give you a taste of this, let’s plan ahead.

You see, I often tell my congregation that while Christmas is far and away the most popular holiday in our world, we must never forget that the purpose of Christmas is Good Friday and the purpose of Good Friday is Easter. The creative challenge this week is to create something you could present to share the Good Friday, Easter story. Trust me when I tell you, it will be here before you know it. 

How would you express Jesus laying down His life for you and me? How would you express the glory of His resurrection? Start brainstorming and get some things down on paper. How could your from of creativity portray the rest of (and best of)the story?

For extra credit, share your thoughts with your pastor or church leadership and try to get on the schedule to present it as part of your church’s Holy Week celebration.
Post your results in the comments or on the Facebook Page

I had an awesome day Easter Sunday, preaching two services, and proclaiming the risen Savior, before celebrating with family, always a great day. This mean I didn’t actually post this til Monday morning. Sometimes priority dictate getting off the computer. Anyway, I still wanted to share something for that day so I give you what may be the best Easter song ever, Arise My Love by NewSong. If you have not heard this song yet, you owe it to yourself to listen. If you have heard it, listen again and take encouragement. This is telling a better story (okay the greatest story) in music.

Well tomorrow is Easter, or Resurrection Sunday if you prefer. Skimming through social media, I have been seeing a lot of memes referring to Ishtar. Now most of us English speaking people say that name phonetically, ISH-tar, but according to the memes the proper pronunciation of the word is “easter.” I’m not sure that’s true, but it’s on the Internet so it must be, right? These detractors are referencing a pagan fertility goddess usually expressed as a nude woman, often with a multitude of breasts. They are saying that Easter has it’s roots in paganism. That when Constantine “christianized” the world, he appropriated all matter of pagan things into the church. They say similar things about Christmas, and I think they’re missing the entire point of the day in the process.

What is Easter really about? Isn’t it redemption? Jesus came and died on the cross and rose again to pay a price we could not pay. He paid the price for us, which is quite literally redemption. Jesus is all about redeeming things, about redeeming people. He is the savior. Scripture tells us that creation waits for all the people who will come to Christ to come, because when that happens, He will also redeem all of creation to the way God intended it to be (According to Romans 8:19), no longer in bondage to the power of sin. I’ll say it again, Jesus is all about redeeming things. I know He redeemed me. I am not what I once was. I am redeemed, a new creation.

Is the name Easter derived from the name of a pagan goddess, I don’t know, perhaps, but Christ redeemed that name and now it refers to a holiday on which we celebrate resurrection. Opponents will also point to the use of eggs and chicks and rabbits as evidences of the fertility rituals associated with this pagan idol. Perhaps this is correct too, but again hasn’t that also been redeemed. Associated with the resurrection, these things symbolize what they represented before the fall, new life, the very thing Jesus came to give us. Again these symbols have been redeemed.

What about the bunny? Surely that has to be about fertility, right? For the record, I am not saying that some of these things cannot get out of hand. I am fully aware that, to a lot of people, the bunny is more important than the cross, but friends, changing that is up to the redeemed. Our calling is the ministry of reconciliation, calling people to be reconciled to God in Christ and when we take that calling seriously, a strange thing will happen, a multitude of new believers will be “born” or rather born again. The church will begin to reproduce quite rapidly, perhaps even like rabbits. I am being a bit tongue in cheek here, but the fact remains, the church is a living organism and healthy organisms reproduce. Were we more about our calling to the Great Commission and less about researching the past of things Christ redeemed, perhaps we would be more effective. Redemption changed the story.

Call it Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, but whatever you call it, celebrate the Redeemer and point others to Him. That is our purpose.