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You know the old saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s not exactly right. The fact of the matter is I do what I love, and I work really hard at it. To be truthful, I also end up doing stuff I never really loved that much. I was the kid who never did my homework, now I find myself reading and studying for hours nearly every day. It’s not all page turners and fun stuff either, but I love learning all this stuff because it helps me to do what I do and do it well. Then there is other stuff that I have always loved to do, that I get to do in different ways. I used to dream of being a professional artist, now I do more art than ever and I sell very little of it. I don’t have to sell it anymore. It helps me to communicate what I need to communicate. It helps me tell stories and make people understand. The challenge is no longer to sell the work, so much as it is to figure out how to communicate through it. It’s an awesome creative challenge. I use to struggle to write a 500 word essay, now I do that almost every day. I used to hate to write, but I’ve learned to love it to the point where I’ve written several books.

So doing what you love is great, but sometimes in doing things you learn to love it, and occasionally there are things that feel like drudgery, (like paperwork) but they allow you to keep doing what you love. I don’t know who coined the phrase “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” but I don’t think they were right. Instead, I recommend you love what you do, enough to do the hard work it takes to keep doing it. God gave you your gift, do the work to His glory.

I apologize for having been a little short on posts these last few days. Basically life has been kind of a whirlwind, lately. In addition to all the art ministry stuff, I’m a pastor and for a pastor Easter is about the busiest time of year. There are extra services and special activities, not to mention the day to day things that have to be done. Some people think pastors only work one day a week. Those people are wrong—really, really wrong. In addition to all that I lead our adult Bible study, for which I am also writing the curriculum. Around all of this, the speaking/painting ministry is still going. I left my church after service and our council meeting to drive two and a half hours to preach four nights of revivals and around all of that I’ve been preparing for a day long continuing education workshop I will be leading for my denomination’s educational group on Saturday. Around all of that, I am also working on getting my Masters in Creative Ministry (fortunately that last component is a work at your own pace program), and believe it or not, that’s not all of it.

Now there was a time, when I would have written something like all of the above to boast about all I’m doing, hoping somewhere deep down inside someone would be impressed. That is still a danger, but it’s not really how I feel these days. You see something struck me last night as I was finishing my first revival message, it was a feeling, I never really experienced back in the days where I worried what everyone thought of me. As I looked out to the faces of the people gathered in that country church, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and thinking “I love what I do.” I’m not rich, I’m not famous. I’m not any of those things I used to think I had to be to matter. I’m just happy and there’s something else. I’m grateful.

There’s that old adage that says “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I get what they’re trying to say, but I can’t go quite that far. No the truth is, it’s a lot of work and getting to this place took a lot of work and sacrifice combined with doing a lot of stuff I didn’t always love. I know God can just drop wonderful things in our laps, but I also know He doesn’t always work like that. Truth be known, the stuff I didn’t love doing, helps me to appreciate what I get to do, enough to do all the work it takes to get to do what I love.

What can you take away from this? Work hard toward doing what you love and trust God. He has a plan and purpose in all of it, so press on.