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So I’m at my church’s annual conference this week and we are in the beginning stages of seeking a “compelling vision” to unify the church and help us to get back on mission (my words). One of the table facilitators likened the need for this vision to a cart with horses. If we set out a vision even if we are pulling slightly to the left or right, we have a better chance of getting to where God is leading us. Without a compelling vision, something else might happen. The discussion got me creating.



I may beed to define this one a little better. When I am talking about this kind of political dispute, I’m not talking Democrats and Republicans and elections and all that other stuff, though that can be equally destructive. I’m talking about when our churches get caught up in the issues of the day and begin to take sides against each other, within the body. Rather than consulting the teachings of Scripture, we go all liberal or conservative and start to fight among ourselves.

That’s not the way it should be. When an issue divides us, we need to gather together around the Word of God, discern what God is saying in the Word, pray, reunite and get back to the business at hand, sharing the Gospel and being the Body of Christ.

Satan doesn’t hate everything. He just hates us and God. He loves when we squabble about stuff, especially when God’s Word is clear, because that will keep us occupied on things that don’t involve advancing God’s Kingdom.

My denomination has been doing this exact thing with one issue longer than I have been a Christian. Nearly 30 years. It’s time to say “thus sayeth the Lord” and get back to work. Our mission is too important to be sidetracked.