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I like most people in the world and watching the Olympics. Watching these young people excel at this level is amazing. The things they can do with their bodies are mind-blowing. They literally seem superhuman and from the recliner, I know it’s not something I can do or will be able to do on this side of the grave, but then it struck me.

These people started with some natural abilities beyond a doubt, but they’re not getting by on it. They took that with which they have been blessed and they work it, A LOT. This is what you have in common with the best in the world. You have natural abilities at something, there is something you are gifted to do. From there what will separate you from everyone else is one thing… HARD WORK! Will you do what it takes to be the best you can be?

Bring God your best, do it for all your worth and trust God with all of it. That’s what it takes to glorify God. Remember St. Irenaeus said, “The glory of God is a [person] fully alive. We get there when we take all that God gives us and make the best of it in Him.

Bring greatness to the Greatest!