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I started to think about what it means to have it all. This set of Creacher toons spells it out,


While I’m on a cartooning kick, I thought I’d share a little preview of Creacher. Sometimes the words come first, but in this case I just started off by drawing the characters and let them speak. I just started to look at the things I know and the things I wanted to share. These are some of the things I know and now you know them too.

Spoiler alert…
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I started off thinking I was going to do a lot of quotes from other people and decided I would just do my own. These are some heartfelt (and hopefully humorous or thought provoking) ideas that I hope will touch and bless you.









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creachermeme103I think this is a vital truth for every creative. We can have all the ideas in the world, but they have very little value until they are shared with the world. As Seth Godin says, “Art is a gift” and “Real artists ship!”

What have you been holding back. It’s time to let it out.

CREACHER Everybody is a Leader of Someone
Everybody is a leader of someone. Where are you leading them?

I just wanted to share a couple things with you today in honor of Christmas. First is an amazing a capella Christmas song from Straight No Chaser. Nothing deep or spiritual just a little fun for your enjoyment.

This just goes to show what happens when a couple really talented people put their gifts together. Could visual artists do something like this by banding together and creating and if you want to let me know.

Second are two Christmas comics I’ve done over the last couple days in my spare time I usually do a Christmas rant at one time or another over the holidays usually after hearing the 10,000th complaint over someone’s constitutional rights being violated because someone else had the audacity to say Merry Christmas.
Enjoy and answer this question… How do you vent and is there a way to make something constructive out of it?

Christmas Rant 1

Christmas Rant 1

Christmas Rant 2

Christmas Rant 2