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PIGMENTOFMYI awoke with this idea in the middle of the night last night but I’m not sure why it was so compelling. It’s something I’ve done many times and it’s a great way to jump outside your comfort zone and build your creativity. It’s all about color. It’s quite easy to do, but it will really help you to hone your technique.

You simply recreate a scene or an image, whether real or from your imagination, but in totally different colors. It sounds easy but it can really stretch you. I recommend making your first color choice, and then working all the other colors based on that choice. There are a lot of ways you can go, from garish to subtle. You can work from the color wheel in primaries and there complements or you can throw the color wheel out the window and just go totally random. You can go for aesthetically pleasing, wildly psychodelic or anything in between. The idea is to create something that really pushes you creatively and breaks down the barriers that exist in the minds of even the most creative people.

This exercise will be especially helpful if you find yourself being too literal with color to move you toward painting what you actually see. For example. I remember seeing a painting that blew me away. It was a winter scene at twilight and the snow was all purple. The thing is the artist was not trying to be unusual. Snow isn’t white at twilight The problem was if you ask me to paint snow, my hand will always reach for the white. There are a multitude of colors in anything you see, The trees that I am looking at out the window look green to be sure, but to capture the light on them I would have to use yellows, blues, even black and white, possibly even purples to enhance some the shadows. Similarly when we are young we are taught tree trunks are brown. They’re actually mostly warm grays with a multitude of tones and shadows. How would these color choices change if I decided to make their foliage pink?

I think you’ll find it to be a lot of fun and it will help you in your work with color.

everycrayonFor years, people would ask me what my favorite color is and I would say really simply, “I don’t have one.” If you were to look at my work, you would see this borne out. I love my work light and bright, loud and proud. I even made a t-shirt that shares my color philosophy. Every Crayon in the Box (if you want one, click the image).

ChartreuseOf late though, I have narrowed it down and established that I do have a favorite color. It’s chartreuse, you may know it by it’s other name, day-glow yellow. I’ve always kind of liked this color because it’s pretty hard to miss. I have a lot of chartreuse clothes because of my affinity for prayer walking in the pre-dawn hours before work. Walking country roads in the dark makes me really desirous of anything that helpes me to be seen by oncoming vehicles.

Also after years of coming home from churches and speaking engagements with paint splotches on all my clothes, marital bliss dictated that I come up with a couple of outfits that I wear every time I paint live. My first instinct was to wear all black so the people would focus more on my art than me. This was fine, but a little boring, but one day I found them. A pair of black Nike running shoes with chartreuse laces and trim. They were perfect. I added a chartreuse Under Armor shirt under my black over shirts and it stuck! I love chartreuse.

I think the reason I really like chartreuse is because it’s so bright it shines. I want to shine. I wear black to draw attention away from me and toward my subject and so it is with my ministry and hopefully my life. At it’s best my life and ministry should point to Jesus rather than drawing atttention to me, but all the while I want His light in me to shine to His glory.

How do you shine?