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Well if you bring it in, that is. The A Night AMOK: Pictures of Jesus Tour 2014 launches February 1 in Loysburg, PA (pray for good weather). It’s an hour and a half of speed-painting, storytelling, video and the Word of God designed to help people come to know Jesus, follow Him and represent Him well. The first event is a youth event, but this presentation works with people of all ages. If you’re in central to western Pennsylvania come to this event and check it out. If you’re not, I’d love to bring it to your area. Be a part of the 2014 Pictures of Jesus tour. Check out the presentation page for more information, including video and a detailed description of the presentation.
I’ve done this event many times and it has been well received everywhere I’ve done it. If an hour and a half presentation doesn’t fit your needs, I have everything from a single message for a Sunday morning service, to a full weekend retreat. I also do workshops on a variety of topics related to creative ministry, etc. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.

You can fill out the form below to start the process.

You can also find further information on my speaking page

This convertible series will work in a variety of settings.

It can be anything from a single message to an evening program to a weekend retreat or revival, Spiritual renewal series.
The point of this series is to look at the lessons in the stories Jesus told and how to use them to live a better story.

Messages include:

  • What Kind of Soil Are You? The Parable of the Sower
  • The Older Brother: The Prodigal Son
  • Who’s Your Samaritan? The Good Samaritan
  • Hurried, Buried and Worried: The Parable of the Talents
  • What’s Your Story? The Sheep and the Goats, The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Evening Programs Include:

  • The Gifted: Parable of the soils, The Good Samaritan and The Parable of the Talents
  • Relationships: Parable of the Soils, The Prodigal Son and The Sheep and Goats

I can also work to your themes and use other parables. I want to help your congregation to live a better story. For more information, contact me, Dave Weiss, at
story poster

story posterI know I have been a little lax in posting these last few days. I have a pretty good excuse, I’ve been running A.M.O.K. at my first home church. I’ve been preaching a series of messages based on the parables of Jesus called Story: Parables of Jesus. It’s been going really well and I’m also compiling them into a presentation by the same name. It’s been a lot of fun. Tonight’s message is based on what is probably my favorite of all the parables, the parable of the talents.

You know it, right (if not it’s found in Matthew 25:14-30) A master gives portions of money to his servants to invest while he goes off on journey. It says he gave these talents to them, “each according to his ability.” In other words he knows what they are capable of doing and gives them an amount he knows they can handle, kind of like God does with us and our talents. He doesn’t compare us with others, he knows what we’re capable of (how He made us) and entrusts accordingly.

The first two guys, take their sums and invest them, doubling the investment while the third (the one who received the least) buries his in the dirt. When the master returns he settles accounts he’s very pleased with the first two, tells them well done and essentially invites them to a party. He then turns to the servant who buried his talent (we’ll call him Skippy) and to me this is where it gets interesting. The first thing this servant does is blame the master for his own disobedience. He then goes on to impune the master’s character.

You know what I see in this third servant, Skippy? I see fear, essentially fear of failure. The other two guys go to work at once, investing the master’s money. They take a risk. There was the possibility they could have lost. Skippy decided not to take the risk but instead to play it safe, after all it wasn’t his money. What if he loses? What if the master gets angry? What if? What if? What if? Skippy gets so caught up in his fear that he makes the master a villain in his mind and buries his gift. Do you do that?

The difference between the first two servants and Skippy, I believe is trust. The first two guys trust that the master will be good if they fail and so they get to work at once. In the process they obey their master. Skippy’s fear turns into disobedience and wasted opportunities.

The point is this. Your talents represent God’s investment in you. He wants you to put them to work to build His Kingdom. If you do that, win or lose (in the eyes of the world) the Lord will be pleased. He’s only really displeased when we don’t place our trust in Him and bury our talents.

Don’t be Skippy!
To bring Story: Parables of Jesus to your church, contact Dave Weiss.

I’ve been hard at work generating the paintings for my new presentation Story: Parables of Jesus. These will be displayed in conjunction with the live paintings I do every night. I am excited to say I will be rolling out the extended presentation of Story as a revival/spiritual renewal series from tomorrow through Wednesday night at Mohrsville Church of the Brethren in Mohrsville, PA and the one hour version next Sunday at St. Thomas Independent Church of the Brethren in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA next Sunday. If you’re in PA. I’d love to see you there. Otherwise I’d love to bring it to you.

I was out this past weekend at the Call 2 Ministry Conference. It was amazing. I had the opportunity to speak into the lives of young people exploring a call to ministry. It once again cemented something in my heart. This ministry called A.M.O.K. is my calling and what I want to do with the rest of my life. It’s a lot more than painting pictures and telling stories for Jesus. I want to use my gift to spread the Gospel and encourage believers to find and use their unique gifts to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel. I want to be able to go wherever I’m needed and help as many as I can.

You see there is a huge need. First of all, the majority of the people in this world are still in need of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The harvest is ripe and the workers are few. I feel a call to the harvest and the workers. I want to be out there sharing the Gospel, but I also want to be showing and encouraging others to use their unique gifts to serve the Lord. I want to be out there helping congregations to find and create ministries for the people in their midst so that they’re better equipped to reach their communities.

The arts and the media are one of the most powerful tools to spread a message in the history of the world and while I believe my call is to the whole Church the way God has gifted me puts me in a unique place to reach these often underutilized people. The next C.S. Lewis may well be in the church now. The next Coppola, Rembrandt, Beethoven and Van Halen may maybe out there too, not to mention the geniuses and the masters of the new media. We need to reach them to put their gifts to work for the good of the Kingdom. Again the harvest is ripe and I want to be used to bring it in. I need your help.

How can you help:

1. Pray.
I am building a prayer list and a prayer team for this ministry. If you’d like to be a part of it, please contact me at

2. Spread the Word.
I post this blog and create the videos and resources I post here to further the Kingdom and the Gospel. The more people that know about it the better. Repost it, tweet it, share it on your Facebook page, email it to your friends, use the videos in your worship services. It’s been freely given, so freely give. The more people that know what we’re doing here, there better.

3. Bring me in for your next program/service/etc.
I love to paint in worship and do creative things to bring forth a message from the Word, and I’d love to paint for your conference, concert, service, etc. And I don’t just paint, I do workshops on a variety of topics, including using the creative arts in ministry. I create evangelistic programs, youth retreats, revivals and more. I’ve been a pastor for nearly 10 years and was a youth leader for five years before that. I’m a story teller/parable maker. I’m an experienced preacher/speaker who believes that the Bible is the unchanging Word of God. These opportunities help to support and further this ministry. You can see the recommendations of some of the people I’ve worked with here.

4. Donate
Donations will also help further this ministry and help me to reach more people and congregations. I’ve not yet incorporated this ministry, instead for now, it’s a ministry of my church, New Creation Fellowship in Reading, PA. If you’d like to donate, you can mail a check to New Creation Fellowship, 3646 Pottsville Pike, Reading, PA 19605. Please designate AMOKArts on the memo line. Thanks for the way you have supported this ministry over the years. I appreciate your support more than you could ever know.

I’ve told you how you can help me, now here is the bigger question.

How can I help you? Because I want to.

My new presentation, A Night AMOK: Pix of JC is now available for booking. This evangelistic presentation is an evening of art,music and ministry. In the program, I paint a variety of pictures live, accompanied by videos, music, story telling and the Word of God. It’s all designed to paint a picture of Jesus, a true, scriptural, real picture of His amazing love on people’s hearts and minds. Check it out.
For more information on A Night AMOK:Pix of JC, click here and if you’d like to bring me in to do A Night AMOK, you may contact me at

Below is a sample:

You’ll see a link just to the right of this page called Goal 2012. Basically this is my daily challenge for the year. Every day this year, my goal is to do at least one thing to advance the Kingdom and/or the speaking/painting/writing Juggernaut called AMOKArts. If you want to follow along on the journey, go to or click the link over there. >>>>

Let’s join forces to the glory of God. Let’s find what we do and find ways to help each other to be what we were created to be. What’s your dream, your vision, your passion? What has God laid on your heart? Is there something in this world that You feel He wants you to do something about? Someone you feel led and called to help? Let’s see what we can do to help each other Be the Body.

For me it’s traveling throughout the church and the world using what the gifts and talents I have been given to help others to find and be what they were created to be. I think this is a good first step. Post your visions and passions and things here and let’s see if we cant network and help each other to live some of these things out to the glory of God. Don’t be afraid to share it, no matter how big it looks. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

As a side-bar, if I can be of help to your church to help you call out the gifted (and we’re all gifted) I’d love to come and speak to them. Contact me at

Defeating the 20/80 Rule with Be the Body
• Does your church have enough people to get everything done?
• Does your church have a small group of people who do most of the work?
• Does your church have a large group of people on the fringes and barely connected?
When you call upon your congregation to do the kinds of service Jesus commanded do they look back at you with a look that says, “Isn’t that what we pay you for?”
There’s a rule in most human organizations including, unfortunately, the church, which states that on average about 20 percent of the people do 80% of the work. This leaves your most faithful servants doing many things for which they are neither called nor gifted and nearing burnout while the rest of the congregation is only slightly invested in the work of the Kingdom. This is not the church that God intended.
I was in danger of becoming one of those 80 percent people and then something amazing happened. I went from struggling new believer who could barely read scripture aloud with a profound fear of public speaking to ordained minister, pastor and speaker. It wasn’t all a smooth ride and it didn’t happen overnight but it happened and I can trace it all back to one event. My pastor found a Kingdom use for my unusual gift and it changed my life. I’m convinced that there are thousands (maybe millions) of people in the church of Jesus Christ who are in the same boat. They have tremendous, God-given potential to do great things—things that will tremendously expand the Kingdom and they’re just waiting for someone to find their gift, ignite their passion and show them how to be what they were created to be to the glory of God. We are all “God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do!”
That’s what my new presentation “Be the Body” is all about. Through the use of my story, artistic gifts, interactive projects and preaching the Word of God, I will challenge the “many parts” in your congregation to become fully invested members of the “one body” of Christ. Topics covered include:
• What it means to be the body of Christ? 

• How to do and be your part.

• What to lay down and what to take up.

• Maintaining unity and more.

This can be anywhere from a single message, a series of revival/Spiritual renewal services even a weekend retreat. I really feel a strong leading to go out into the church and call people into their God given calling. The guiding verse of this ministry is 1 Peter 4:10, Each one should use WHATEVER GIFTS he has received to serve others. I would love to come to your church or event and share with your congregation. Contact me, Dave Weiss at
God bless,
Dave Weiss