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I have to say, I got this book for free through Pastor Resources. I requested a copy because I have seen Brian Houston several times and have thoroughly enjoyed his insights. If you’re not familiar, Houston is the founding pastor of Hillsong Church. This book did not disappoint. In the book Houston speaks of “more”. Not more as in possessions, or accomplishment, but in more of God and His plan and purpose for your life. This book is excessively encouraging (which I think is a great thing!). Houston weaves stories from his life and past into a thoroughly biblical look at what it means to have more of the God who is able to exceedingly more than we can think, ask or imagine.

If you are feeling in need of encouragement, read this book. If you are feeling a little stagnate in your Spiritual growth, read this book. If you look at life and sometimes feel lime there has got to be more… there really is, so read this book.

“Your Word is a million candle power spot light unto my feet and a light unto my path.”
—Psalm 119:105

Oh, wait, that’s not what it says. It says “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” It’s a much smaller light. It doesn’t always shine very far. It doesn’t let us see the whole path. It gives enough light to see the next step and that is a problem for many. After all being a visionary, having a vision of life can be frustrating enough that sometimes we envy those that just sort of wander aimlessly. Don’t fall into that trap. Your God-given vision is beautiful. It’s His will for your life. It’s the goal, He created for you, the goal he created you for. The frustration comes when we look at the distance between where we are and the glorious vision. It not only seems too far, you have no idea how to get there.

I maintain that you do know how to get there. It’s the same way all of us get to our God-given visions. We follow the Giver to the gift. We follow God. And how do we follow God? We pray and we follow His Word. The word that is a lamp unto our feet and while that lamp may not show us the whole path it gives us what we need to take the net step. If we could see the whole path we would not need to have faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We need to take the next step and we need to trust God.

Brian Houston in his book Live Love Lead: Your Best Is Yet to Come!

says it this way.

“Now is the time to close the gap between where you are in the present and where God is calling you to go in the future. The doorway to your glorious future is likely to be open already, waiting for you to push and walk through it. If you’re frustrated by unrealized dreams and ongoing disappointments, ask God to reveal your next steps. Ask Him to transform the rod in your hand (a reference to Moses) into the key to unlock your future. Don’t try to jump too far to soon; instead just ask God to show you today’s step, the one priority to keep you moving forward.”

The path is there, God laid it for you. It may not be easy but He will walk with you through it. Trust Him to light the way. Trust Him to lead you all the way home. You’re not there yet, but as for today, take the next step and trust!

Live Love Lead: Your Best Is Yet to Come! was written by Brian Houston is founder and global senior pastor of Hillsong Church. In this leadership book, Houston spends a lot of time talking about living the big life God intends for us all. That phrase “big life” may sound off putting to some, especially since it is written by the pastor of one of the largest churches in the world, but what he is really talking about as a life fully surrendered to Christ, where the power of God is “free” to use us to do the things He intends for us. As such, this is a wonderful book. Houston peppers this book with transparent stories about the high and low points in life and the ways that he has seen God work and move. This is a great book for any believer, but especially for those of us who feel God’s call to lead on our lives, whether that be in a pastoral setting, group leader setting or even called to leadership in the home.

This book was written by the pastor of a church whose creativity is impacting the church in major ways. As such it is a must read, for anyone interested in creative ministry, especially for those who seek to lead other creatives. Also, I don’t believe it was any accident that I received this book at a time of ministry transition and I found it immensely valuable for what I am going through right now. I believe you will find it valuable too.

You can learn more about the book at or pick up Live Love Lead: Your Best Is Yet to Come! at

I’m reading Brian Houston’s great new leadership book, Live, Love, Lead (review coming soon). In the midst of the book, I found something that is pure gold for creatives. Check this out:

“Following Jesus on the grand adventure of a faith-filled life requires risk taking. Keeping your eyes on Him while He calls you out upon the water, into the great unknown where feet may fail, just like Peter, is never easy. Fears and doubts assault you and shout all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do what God calls you to do. As frightening as it may feel at times, you must be willing to keep moving, being faithful in the small things as you ask God for the strength, courage and resources to take the next step.

These dark moments in life when the uncertainty of the future terrifies you require a deeper, grittier kind of faith. These are the times when God asks you not only to trust Him but also to surrender all areas of your life to Him. We often assume automatically that knowing God is the same as making Him Lord of our lives. But I’m convinced, especially when facing the crossroads and crucible of life, we must surrender to God as Lord. Nothing can open up the doorway to your glorious future like experiencing a personal revelation of Jesus’ Lordship over your life.”

There’s a lot of truth in that passage. There are times in all of our lives when we are going to have to take risks, things that feel dangerous, at least in our creative exploits. In those moments fear will usually rear it’s ugly head and try to drag us back into the boat if not under the waves. It is imperative that we keep our eyes on Christ. I love how Houston equates this realization with the realization of the Lordship of Christ. Yes, He should be Lord over our lives, but we also need to understand He is Lord of ALL. He has it covered. He can calm the storm. He can keep us afloat. He can make us walk and dance upon the waves.

But first, we need to step out of the boat.

I am reading Brian Houston’s new book Live, Love Lead. This passage inspired the video. “Some people are saved but they’re not free. They don’t believe they deserve to be happy, to enjoy the spacious, joyful life God has for them. They feel as if they’re disqualified. They’re unfit for happiness. But it’s not true! It’s nothing more then the devil’s lies.

Sin becomes guilt, which is something we feel, an emotion. However, shame is something you carry, a state of being. People will sometimes say, “Shame on you!” and try to throw it at you. They judge you, condemn you, and try to make you feel the harsh sting of rejection.

He then goes on to tell this truth. “If we want to shake off shame, we myst understand the full power of what Jesus Christ has done for us. If you carry shame, then you’re not carrying what comes with the full blessing of God.”