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My friend Brenda Hendricks just posted a wonderful video on the gife of grace we receive in Christ. It shows some of the great moments in the life of Jesus and it is quite beautifully done. Take a look!

What a wonderful reminder as we come upon Christmas time. In this season of gifts, it so important that we remember the ultimate gift, found in Jesus Christ. Thanks Brenda!

My friend author and artist Brenda Hendricks posted this art video about the storms of life. I thought it was quite good and wanted to share it here.

How do you face the Storms of Life?

My friend Brenda Hendricks is a fantastic artist and a writer. In this video inspirational video, she shares both. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

She has hidden a portrait of Jesus in it, do you see it?

In the video, Brenda gives us a message of hope, faith and comfort. How could you express your faith in what you do?

My friend Brenda Hendricks made what I believe is her first art video and it is really nicely done. It tells the story of Jesus, it’s called Light, Love Life. You need to check this out.

Thanks for sharing this Brenda, it is a really nice job.