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I just got finished reading Bob Goff’s latest book Dream Big, and let me tell you, nobody tells an inspirational story like Bob Goff and this book where he tries to encourage people to pursue their dreams is no exception. This is a man who has lived quite an adventure and he invites us all along on a ride. In the process, he invites us into living a better story, the story of our dreams. This is a fantastic book that provides a complete framework at the end that will spur the reader on to action. Wish I had a few more stars, because five does not seem to be near enough. READ THIS BOOK!

I just got done reading Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World
and all I can say is wow, but since that would make for a very short review. I will go a little deeper. This is one of the best books I have ever read. I often use this blog to talk about living a better story. I got that phrase after reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life a Edition by Donald Miller published by Thomas Nelson (2009). Bob Goff was actually one of the people who inspired Donald Miller in the pages of that book. It’s really pretty simple, Bob Goff is living a better story. All the stories in Love Does are stories from Goff’s life. This is far more than an autobiography though. You see Bob Goff is a man who is aware of God’s work in all the aspects of his life. He shares stories from his childhood, how he got into law school, all the way up to becoming Uganda’s consul to the U.S. and in each of these stories, he shows us how God was at work in the situation and how God works in our lives. This book is wonderfully encouraging.

There is only one caution: after reading this book you will want to do stuff, and not just ordinary, run-of-the-mill, day by day stuff, but rather stuff that touches hearts and makes a real difference. This book could be hazardous to a complacent life. Frankly, for me at least, I hope so.

Read this book!

I’m reading this book right now called Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World
by Bob Goff. Bob Goff is a remarkable guy, living a remarkable life. Remember, remarkable literally means worth talking about and as such anyone who will risk failure and try has the potential to be remarkable. Bob Goff is remarkable. I am not ready to review the book yet, as I only review books I’ve finished and I’m not there yet, but I did just read a remarkable story.

You see, today Goff is a lawyer who is doing some remarkable work (I know I am using remarkable a lot, yes I do have a thesaurus, so maybe you need to consider why I am repeating the word.) but how he got into law school is, well, remarkable. You see his grades in college were anything but remarkable. His score on the LSAT (the test you take to get into law school) was also less than remarkable. He applied to a lot of law schools anyway and they found him equally unremarkable. But you see he knew he wanted to be a lawyer and to do that you need to go to law school. More than that he wanted to be a lawyer so he could change the world and make a difference. He wanted to live a remarkable life so he did something remarkable.

Five days before classes were to begin at the law school, he went to see the dean to ask to be admitted. He knew that if the dean said “Go buy your books,” he was in. Goff presented his case, and the dean found it unremarkable and ushered him out. At this point it looked like the door was closed and most people would have walked away. Goff found a bench outside the dean’s office and sat there every day. He began to think about all the times that Jesus changed a situation with a word and he stayed determined. Every time the dean passed, Goff would say the same thing “All you have to say is ‘Go buy your books.” All the dean had to do was say the word so Goff persisted. He sat there every day up until classes started… nothing. One day into classes… nothing. Two days, three days, four days… nothing. On the fifth day, the dean walked up to Bob and said, “Go buy your books.” Sometimes remarkable takes persistence.

And here’s the thing. In much of Christendom we assume that as soon as something gets difficult, God has closed the door and we need to walk away. Where did we get that idea? We are supposed to be followers of Jesus, right? Who faced more opposition, more closed doors, more hardship than Jesus? Was He outside of God’s will? No, He IS THE CENTER of God’s will. It’s not over until God says it’s over. When we feel God calling, we need to persevere. If a door closes to your work, and you feel like God has called you, don’t assume difficulty is the answer and the answer is no. Knock on the door again or sit outside it or maybe, just maybe, you need to kick it in.

Almost everyone we call remarkable has faced terrible odds, that’s why they’re remarkable.

Easy isn’t remarkable. Be remarkable. God expects no less. Go Buy your books.

What are the difficulties you face right now? How would a remarkable person overcome them? Be remarkable.

Bob Goff is an amazing story teller because he is living a great story. You will never forget this story as long as you live, it might just inspire you. His message is pretty simple… “do stuff!” You MUST, MUST, MUST watch this video.