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I was given a review copy of this book from the publisher. It actually ended up being the third book in this series that I have read this year. While I was reading her book on Colossians, I felt led to preach through Ephesians at my church so I purchased that one as well. These are quality books with the plain spoken insights I have come to expect from Joyce Meyer. Galatians has always been an interesting book to me. It shows us the Apostle Paul taking a stand in defense of his church. Mrs. Meyer takes us into these somewhat challenging chapters not just explaining what was happening but helping the reader to see how the book of Galatians applies to our everyday life. She wisely forgoes dense theological language and gives us the simple truth, which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend these books as a resource for someone leading a Bible study or Sunday School class. Mrs. Meyer has done a great job here once again.

Proverbs Reconstructed

Proverbs Reconstructed

I was looking around searching out my next book to review when I found Proverbs Reconstructed by Gus Dallas. You see, my church has been doing a study of the book of Proverbs for well over a year and we’re not done. It’s a great book filled with wisdom for the ages and I knew my congregation would get a lot out of it. But the book of Proverbs has a problem when it comes to study. Its not organized in the way a lot of people think. It’s not topical and it just sort of bounces around. Gus Dallas has changed all that. He took the Proverbs verse by verse and organized them by topic. Then he listed the topics alphabetically and subdivided each topic (where applicable) into “Good” where the topic works for positive results and “Bad” for those that are negative. It is a great idea and could have made my study a lot easier.

After a few pages of introduction, and other than a brief epilogue, the rest of the book is straight out of the Bible (New King James Version). I realize I read it in a way it was not intended to be read (cover to cover) as it is more of a study resource than a reading book and yet I really enjoyed reading what God has to say on a multitude of topics. The verses repeat often, as many proverbs cover multiple topics. There were a few times where I didn’t think a verse was placed in the right topic and yet for the most part the organization was very good and some of these things are a matter of interpretation. All in all this is a very good Study resource that I recommend.

You may have noticed however that my title for this review has an “except” in it and that I gave it only three stars. There is one detrimental thing about this book. It has a TON of typos. I’m sort of in shock that this book got past the editors as it is, since almost all of it is straight from the Scriptures. “Bribes” are sometimes “Brides,” “clothed” is printed as “closed,” “pursed” lips are now “pursued” lips, etc. Also some of the texts run off the page and disappear in the Kindle version I read. In fairness there may have been some technical difficulties in translating the book for the Kindle. Perhaps the book itself was hastily scanned on an OCR scanner or the book was spoken into an interpretation program, perhaps the review copies were posted before the final edit? I’m unsure, but hopefully the folks at the publishing company will do a quick re-edit. This would be a four or five star tool with a little editing. Even in it’s current state, it would make your study of Proverbs much easier.