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creativity kickersI know it seems like I am really cranking things out right now, and to some extent, I am, but truthfully this book has been written for six months, I’ve just been sort of agonizing over how to put it out. My vision was for this to not be a book at all but rather a card file system filled with creative prompts. The problem was to have that made would cost more than anyone would be willing to pay. Then, one day while working on another book, I got an idea. Publish it as a book where people can cut it apart into cards if they desire or leave it in tact and use it as a book. Here is the basic concept:

This unique book contains 500 creative prompts for artists/designers, writers, inventors and anyone who wants to expand upon his or her creativity. Designed in a unique card file format, the book can be cut apart and converted into a card file or left in tact as a reference. There are a multitude of ways this book can be used, from blindly picking a card and doing whatever it says to selectively choosing your next project. The idea is to kickstart your creativity, smash through creative blocks and get you creating.

I hope you like the book, but more than that, I hope it gets you over any creative hump you may be at and gets you back to creating great stuff. Click here to get your copy.

GENIUSIt doesn’t take a genius.
Artists make art.
Writers write.
Singers sing.
Players play.
Actors act.
Designers Design.
Speakers speak.
Preachers preach.
Dancers dance…

I know you’re really tempted to say, “Well DUH!” Ah, ah, ah, not so fast. I run into so many people who say they want to be writers and artists and musicians and on and on and on. I want to have sympathy, but I keep going back to Yoda. “There is no try. Do or do not.” The arts are not something we want to do, they are something we do and when you do it, you are it. So if you’re an artist, don’t wait for permission, make your art and hang it on a wall. Same goes for every one else.

It doesn’t take a genius, it takes someone who will tell their fear to shut up and do the work they were created to do.

This is what we dream, or at least it’s what I dream…

Give me a warehouse and paint and cut me loose. I’m not saying I would do all the same subject matter, though this guys characters are amazing, but I would love to do this, make the video, the whole deal. It would be a dream. Then when it was all done I would make it this amazing art studio, gallery, shop, library, community center, theater and… wait for it…


A church where paint on the floor was expected, a place where creativity was the norm and where creativity is connected to the creator. It’s my dream.

Now here’s the thing. No one has given me a warehouse, but I have a house. No one has given me unlimited paint, but I have paint. I don’t have all that stuff, but I do have something, many things. I have my God given gift and the ability to use it. I have a wife and family that can accept and support my vision I have a church that supports my creativity and gives me increasing opportunities to use it. I don’t have a community center, but I do have a website where I can share with the whole world. I have the opportunity to go out and speak to thousands of people every year, planting seeds of the Gospel and watering God given visions, in the hearts and minds of people who will do untold and awesome things. If I waited til I had everything I would do nothing.

Instead I take the next step in faith, using what I do have today, doing the best I can today, to serve the Lord and each day…

I live the dream.

You can too.

Dave Weiss has developed a new artist’s gift shop online to raise some funds to move AMOKArts forward. Here is the latest design:
Click the image, to see some of the items available with this design.
To see all 633 products (so far) Click here.

I was on a vacation/speaking trip this past week. One of the highlights of the trip was taking my wife Dawn to the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain Georgia. While, as a man, I was in a clear minority at the event, I have to admit I love this event because of the amazing creativity I see there every time. There was some great original art, but what always really hits me is the repurposing. People finding new uses for such a diversity of objects. It’s mind-blowing.

Beyond that it is a very responsible use of God’s Kingdom resources. I’m not a radical environmentalist, but I do believe we are biblically mandated to care for God’s creation. Think about it, in repurposing, you can create a new work of art, help to save the planet and maybe even raise a few dollars for a worthwhile project. It’s a win-win-win situation.

So here’s the challenge, find something around the house that could probably end up in a land fill and make it into something useful or decorative, then take a picture of it and post a link to it in the comments.

Here’s what I got. Isn’t it cool? It’s made from old license plates and I really wish I had come up with it. What a great idea!

AMOK Plate

Seeing all this great stuff inspired me to come up with a new T-shirt slogan. If you want one, click on the graphic.


I refuse to make refuse...

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Get to repurposing and get creative! It’s another way to use art to make the world a better place.


I was talking to my coach about my passion for ministry. I described art as my tool, one I feel I’ve been given to share the Gospel and see people come to Jesus and/or find their God given purpose, their ministry “tool” if you will. My passion is not the art, it’s the people and it’s Jesus and it’s introducing people to the one who redeemed my life an all that comes with it, including the art. My coach stopped me and told me it was the first time he heard me refer to art as a tool. That made me a little sad and apprehensive. This is always the way I have felt about my art, but I must not have been communicating it. The fear was that I haven’t been doing that here and if I haven’t, I’ve misled my readers.

Let me make it really clear. I love to make art. I do it nearly every day. I’d love nothing more than to use this gift for the rest of my life, but it is the means to an end and not the end in itself. My tool is art, my purpose is to use it and all my other gifts to point people to Jesus and help them find His purpose for their “tools,” whatever those tools may be. This blog is pointed toward artists of all stripes in the church, because you are my tribe. People with a common interest, but please remember, we have been given our gifts for something more than just creating, our gifts are given to bring glory to our Creator.

At least they should be…

Yep he’s a follower of Christ. Here’s his story.

Now remind me again, why can’t God use what you do?
Live out your faith in every area of your life.

Bible Reading Guide
An important part of following God is knowing what He wants and a great way to know what He wants is to read His Word. Follow this plan and you will finish reading the Bible in a year.
2 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 46
You can also download your own chart here.

He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands, his head, and his heart is an artist.
~St. Francis of Assisi

Be an artist today!

Bible Reading Guide
An important part of following God is knowing what He wants and a great way to know what He wants is to read His Word. Follow this plan and you will finish reading the Bible in a year.
Joshua 23,24; Psalm 34
You can also download your own chart here.