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thefamonvacaI’m baaack… I tried to make it seamless, but for the last seven days I was away. I spent a week in Fenwick Island, DE with my wife Dawn and my son Chris. It’s a great place to go to get away. close enough to the boardwalks of Ocean City MD, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, DE yet the place we stayed at was a little off the beaten path which made it nice and quiet, tranquil and peaceful when we needed that as well and to be honest, I kind of did.

I made a decision before we left to leave my laptop behind and just focus and live in the moment and I have to tell you the truth, being unplugged was wonderful. We left Saturday morning the 14th and other than thanking my oldest son Brandon for a Father’s Day Greeting on Facebook that I did with my cell, I was offline. I left my cell in my pocket except for once or twice when I got separated from Dawn and Chris and called to find them (Did you know you can use smart phone to call people? Imagine that!) When we went to the beach and the pool, I left it in the condo.

You know what I learned from being unplugged? I was happier and more able to focus. I was able to focus more on God when I prayed. I also didn’t do any work. I relaxed. Other than a few times when I saw places I’d like to speak and paint, I didn’t really allow myself to think about the earthly part of ministry either. I read about 800 pages in a book, played board games with my family, took some really nice prayer walks, had some great devotional times and we just spent time together. Of course, we also did the beach, the boardwalks, a little miniature golf (I won for the first time in my adult life and sunk the putt for the free game!) It was a wonderful week. Oh and here’s the other thing, I got a great new idea that I can’t wait to put into action, and it came in prayer when my mind was open and I was just listening.

Friends, we existed as a species for thousands of years without being connected to an electronic device every waking moment and while I love the way the net allows me to communicate with the world and keep up with my friends and loved ones, there are also times when I think we are over connected. It’s not illegal in most stated to use your hand held cell phone when driving, but does anyone remember that when they first came out, they were called “car phones” and there was a whole industry manufacturing antennas (antennae?) just so we could be available to everyone even when we were behind the wheel. I think we need to unplug at least some of the time.

I have a tendency to be a human doing rather than a human being, yet I kind of think sometimes God wants us to just be… I think our need to be connected all day every day has become a new addiction and if you have a problem with me saying that…

You may need to unplug.

Advertisements Challenge: Tall

Maybe it’s because school started this week but I just couldn’t get this child-like illustration of a Giraffe made out of the letters spelling the word “tall.” (Yes I know the “L’s” are backwards, call it artistic license.) I know it’s pretty elementary but it was fun to do and it got me thinking.

Did  you ever wonder why you were made the way you were made? I think we all have things in ourselves that we’d  like to change. If that’s you,  consider the giraffe. That long neck has to be a, well, a pain in the neck, but it is actually a perfect design. As a matter of fact here is a whole article about the unique anatomical characteristics designed into the giraffe just to make it work. Ultimately God created an animal capable of eating from the tops of the trees. The giraffe is perfectly designed for what it was intended  to do.

Perhaps so were you. Short or tall, God made us all.