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In 2016, I did a piece of art every single day and recorded them for the year. Anyone want to join the challenge with me in 2019.

Well I’m eleven months into my a year in art challenge. I just completed posting the month of November. You can see it here. One more month to go. I have so enjoyed this project and I look forward to sharing what I will be doing in 2017.

creacherelectionstripWell another month of art is under wraps. This month has cartoons, pages for a new adult coloring book that I’m not sure I like, a few video clips. It was all a lot of fun. Over 300 pieces of art this year so far. You can find time to make art. You just need to do it.
Just Make Art!
October a Month In Art

Thecover last day of September was one of those days where I got really inspired. one of the things I have struggled with is having a one-stop place where I can record my speaking engagements along with all the information I need to keep track of the details. Nothing seemed to work out so I decided to design and publish my own. I was able to finish the piece in one day, but of course the file had a few discrepancies so I need to make a few adjustments. I expect to publish early in the week and will make it available for a very limited time at cost. I was originally going to make this a full color publication but the final cost on that was 45 dollars so black and white it is. I will notify you as soon as it goes live in case there is anyone else that wants to try it out.

Also I have finished my ninth month of making a piece of art every day. Again. I am taking breaks, and sabbath rests, but I cover that by making more art on other days. Having published a new coloring book in September helped this project along. You can see the finished page here. Wait til you see what I have planned for next year. Remember the point of this exercise is to show you that while you don’t have to finish a piece of art every day, you can find time to create in any day.

Do something creative today!

covershotcolorbook3finI’ve made it through eight months of a year in art. August was consumed largely with two large projects: The Herald the Angel children’s book I illustrated for Mike and Mary Jane Furches and my two new Making Faces books. In addition there were a few wonderful speaking opportunities and work on a new presentation that I will be delivering complete for the first time in September. Of course there were plenty of Creacher toons and all the work I do as pastor. The point behind this project is you can find time in your schedule to do at least a little something creative every day. You just have to start. You can see August’s page here. Remember I am a believer in taking days of rest. As a result, some days I double up.

digifaceWell half of 2016 is in the books. How are you doing with your creative goals? Some of mine are full steam ahead while others are plodding along and a few have me stumped. What do you do when that happens? To my mind, it all comes down to faithfulness. You show up and do everything you can with what is flowing as you think about ways to retire what’s not. Right now I have one project that just has me stymied. This is partly because I am blocked and partly because I am waiting for the people I’m doing it for to give me some much needed information. By the way that’s not an excuse either. Regardless of their response I will show up prepared to do something and do it as well as I can. Ultimately I am doing this for God and I know He is faithful.

Im also over 180 days into my year in art challenge and so far I have a piece for every day. Some are complex, some are a little more sketchy, but I have a piece of work representing each day. Again I do try to take Sabbaths but there are may days where I do more than one piece. I guess that’s the moral of the story, God is faithful and we need to be faithful, that means we show up to do the work and we work in obedience to God’s commands.

If you want to see the work so far check the links at the top of the year in art page. Set a goal and keep at it. God is faithful, so must we be.

imaginepossI just realized that I forgot to post a May’s a Month in Art listing. Yes, I finished another month’s worth of art, doing one creative thing every day. This month featured a fair amount of cartoons, a few coloring pages and a lot of art ministry paintings. I created a new art ministry presentation on imagination, wrote more on a couple of book projects I am working on and wrote and presented several sermons at my church as well. Why do I share all this? Because it’s all creative. You do many creative thing too and my guess is if we were all a little more intentional about it, we would see great things happening.

buggyThat’s part of the reason why I love this project. Posting the work publicly and letting people know what I am doing gives me a degree of accountability. That helps on those days when I am blocked and need a little motivation. Again, I do take days off in here and some of the things that are here are multiple day projects. I also include my hobby creations because sometimes you have to do something just for fun and give yourself a little downtime and perhaps a diversion. All in all this has been very enjoyable. I’m over 150 days into this project and have over 150 creations to show for it. You can do it too.