Lately, I’ve been missing too many days of posting. I’ve been busy, but everyone is busy. Days fly by and before I know it, I am heading for bed and another day is done. That happens to a lot of people. I could say I haven’t been inspired to post, but you know how I feel about waiting for inspiration. If you don’t, I’m not a fan of it. I think inspiration is something to be sought, hunted down and exploited for all it’s worth. I think it’s time to reorganize my thoughts here a little bit.

My passion for creative ministry has not wained. I’m actually doing a lot of it these days, I’m just not taking the time to write about it, and that has to change. So here is my plan, I am going to share about all the things I am doing out in the field. Like Saturday night. On Saturday night I did Pictures of Jesus. This is a program I have done all over the country, but there was one place I have never done it. My home church. We had a small turnout, but the response was pretty overwhelming. I mainly did this as an outreach. That was my idea, my hope being to attract some folks from the surrounding community. I think God had something else in mind.

You see my church has been wonderfully supportive of my speaking ministry. I am a three quarter time pastor and the other quarter of my time is spent on my traveling AMOKArts ministry. Now truth be known, I always say I don’t have two ministries, I have one, but what I do at my church is quite different from what I do on the road. Preaching a different message every week allows me to be very creative, but it’s a different kind of creative. I don’t always paint at my church. Probably only about four times a year and when I paint, I have a good twenty minutes before I get to preach. which allows a lot of time to really work the paintings. In the traveling ministry, I often do multiple pieces very quickly with stories I have developed and often memorized. Showing my church Pictures of Jesus, which is an hour and a half long containing five paintings, drama, videos more, allowed them to see what I do on the road, and it seems to have really blessed the folks who were able to be there. I really think this will help people to have an even better understanding of what I do when I can’t be with them which will help already very supportive people to be even more supportive. That can’t help but help.

Don’t forget to share your gifts with the folks closest to you.


About a week ago, I woke up with an idea for a new video clip. It uses a fish to talk about making the right choice. Hope it blesses you. Feel free to share it and spread it around.

Are you familiar with the fourth wall? It’s when you’re watching a movie, TV show, play, etc. it’s what separates you from the action. You’re watching what’s happening, but you’re not involved. Now on occasion, there will be a movie or show that tears down the fourth wall. A character will turn and address the audience, and when that happens you (the audience) are brought into the story. That’s what tearing down the fourth wall is all about, and by the way, as a Christian creative, that’s part of your call.

You see there are far too many people who know the story of Jesus, but it’s as if they’re watching from the outside. It’s just a story for them and they may even believe it happened, but it’s not enough. Jesus came and tore down the fourth wall. He removed the division between God and man. He made us part of the story. Brothers and sisters, I believe God wants to use His creatives to illustrate that point. The Great Commission commands us who believe to invite people into the story. Your creative gifts are part of that plan. How might you be used to tear down that fourth wall and bring people into the story? Party and ask God, then go and act accordingly.

I’m reading Manuel Luz’ new book called Honest Worship and it is so good. He has a really thought provoking idea from Soren Kirkegaard on worship in there that we all need to consider.

[Kirkegaard] is said to have likened the worship service to the theater. He posited that most people believe that the pastors and worship leaders are the performers, God is the director and the congregation is the audience. But this is an incorrect paradigm. In truth the pastors and worship leaders are the directors, the congregation are the performers, and God is rightfully the audience.

He is 100 per cent right and I pray I never get it wrong. Whatever we do in the ministry of worship, must always be done to please an audience of one. This further reminded me of a quote attributed to Francis Chan. A worshipper came up to him and basically said he didn’t like worship today. Chan reportedly said, “That’s okay, we weren’t worshipping you.”

No I’m not giving up on art, or ministry, or even art ministry. I’m not giving up blogging either, in spite of the fact that I have been a little lax lately. No I’m giving up on something else. There’s a famous prayer that is used a lot in the 12 step programs called the Serenity prayer. It goes like this:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

There is tremendous freedom in this prayer. The problem comes in knowing what I can change, and what I cannot. I’ve needed that wisdom a lot lately. I’ve found the attitudes of so many so troubling. Politics, political forces, and in some cases political correctness have been ripping this nation apart and it breaks my heart. The divisiveness is destroying us. Gone are the days where people can disagree agreeably and have conversations to find common ground. Now, it seems, disagreement is hate and I’m starting to think this is one of those things that I cannot change at least in some people, maybe even most. So I’m going to do my best to give that up and let it go.

Instead, I am going to try to remember why I am here. There is a ripe harvest out there. There are people who are looking for hope, encouragement, love and purpose. There is one who can change the state we’re in, and it’s not me. There is one who can change the hearts and minds of people. That’s not me, either. It’s Jesus. He’s the one whose mission I am supposed to be on. With His help, I am going to stay out of the arguments, entering only by His leading. The rest of the time I am going to focus on being the light I am supposed to be. If you’re looking for hope, encouragement, inspiration, I’m here. If you’re looking for a fight, there’s a world full of people who will be more than happy to engage you. With God’s help, I’m no longer one of them.

Brothers and sisters, let’s be the creative light we are supposed to be. Let’s be that shining city on a hill, so the ones looking for hope and real answers will be drawn to what we have been given. Stay out of the mud. I’ll try to do the same.

It kind of feels like cheating to share someone else’s video, but this is too powerful to pass up. Alvin Law is a musician born without arms, his story is inspiring, but it might not be what you think. Should this inspire you to look at him and think if he can do that, what can I do? Well, maybe, but there’s something bigger. Many people would see him as a victim and have labeled him as such. He sees himself as a victor, and he’s right. He has changed the label. What labels have been put on you? Maybe it’s time to change them. Thanks Goalcast.