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preziHey everyone,
As many of you know, I love to use Prezi for my presentations. It’s a wonderful web-based program, it makes really cool presentations and the most basic version of it is free. It’s great and I love it!

Now here’s where I need your help. I got three other people to join Prezi (again for FREE!) and the folks at Prezi upgraded my account for three months. Well those three months have passed and the upgrade has expired. Would you please consider signing up for Prezi, and help me get my upgrade back. It’s a wonderful tool that I highly recommend.

Please help by clicking the link below.

Thanks for your help,

Three Elements of Creativity

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Product Review

When two brilliant minds come together, it can’t help but be brilliant. I found this post on Michael Hyatt’s Blog. Michael Hyatt is an amazing mind who has devoted himself to helping people build their platforms and spread their messages. Sir Kenneth Robinson is one of the world’s foremost authorities on education and creativity. On this page, Hyatt interviews Robinson backstage at the Chick Fil-A Leadercast. I share this because all my readers need to see it. Thanks to Michael Hyatt and Chick Fil-A for providing this great content. You must subscribe to

How can you use your creative gifts to create a better future and a better world?

I have a confession to make.

I drive my friend and fellow cartoonist Rick Bundschuh a little crazy every time he sees me draw. You see Rick is an amazing cartoonist. His approach to inking is gorgeous and very refined. He uses a brush and India Ink and his work is beautiful.

For years out of necessity, I have taken a different approach. I ink with Sharpies. I get the brush effect by painstakingly drawing dimensional lines and then filling them in as if I were coloring a coloring book. It is a bit tedious, but I usually ink in my living room or even on planes where a bottle of india ink and a brush would be disastrous. I’ve considered using a brush pen or even brush markers but the cost has been prohibitive for the volume of work I do so I stuck with my old faithful Sharpies. I love them.

Then one day I was walking through Target and I saw my dream come true, a brush tip Sharpie! I bought one immediately, took it home and put it to work. The tip is really nice and juicy and really holds it’s shape. I can make really pretty lines in a lot less time and the ink seems to last for quite a while which was always a complaint I had with more expensive markers. This is a pretty great product I will be using a lot more frequently.

If you’re interested in trying them. Use this link to order a set from Amazon. Permanent Marker, Brush Tip, Black, Dozen If you order from this link, Amazon will give a small portion of the price to support AMOKArts.

Yesterday’s post was inked with the Sharpie Brush Tip Marker.