Book Review: Kingdom Values by Tony Evans

Posted: April 18, 2023 in Uncategorized

I’ve been calling this my coloring book. No I am not demeaning it. I’ve taken to reading books with a highlighter in hand, and I could practically have highlighted this whole book. To say that Dr. Evans has written a book for such a time as this, would be a profound understatement. This book is a book that speaks to the times in which we are living. He starts off by looking at what the values of God’s Kingdom are, and how we, as Christians, need to live them out. These chapters are powerful and convicting, and they hold up a mirror to our lives that cannot be ignored. From there Dr. Evans explores the beatitudes where Jesus calls out Kingdom values all believers in Christ need to pursue and live out. Evans does a deep dive into each of these topics and they are a challenge to each of us who claim the name of Christ. Tony Evans speaks the truth in love like few others in our world today. Sometimes it’s tough love, but it’s offered in love. This book belongs in every church library in the world, and every believer should read it. Yes, it’s that good.

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