Tell a Great Story

Posted: March 8, 2023 in Uncategorized

So I’ve been catching up own the second season of The Chosen, and wow, just wow. I want to start off by saying, I know this is not a substitute for the Bible. I know they fill in details and combine elements, but I have to say I love watching these stories come to life on the screen. The actors do a wonderful job playing their parts and the actor who plays Jesus is superb. I love this kind of thing, and each time I watch it, it inspires me to want to communicate God’s Word in new and different ways. But when I think of that, I confess there is something that comes up in my heart and mind.

Now I know the show is not without it’s detractors, and I have to wonder what the detractors are trying to accomplish. I am all about doctrinal purity, and I would never want to be a false teacher, but I have to tell you one of the things the detractors do, at least to this creative person. I hear the complaints, especially those that come from keyboard warriors, and I think is it worth it to try to do the creative things I feel inspired to do? Will I put forth my best effort only to have my best efforts shot down by people who will call me all matter of things and question my faith? See the thing is, when I take on creative projects for the Kingdom, I do my level best to be as accurate as possible, yet I have seen an awful lot of people who seem to live to pick things apart without lifting a finger to come up with something more positive. To them I want to ask a question. Are you making things better or are you just being a “resounding gong or a clanging cymbal” adding to the noise, but without love?

It would seem to me that the better tack would be to assume that the creator in question has their heart in the right place and speak truth in love. None of us are infallible and a gentle word, might help the person to polish their work. Of course the other side to this is that if I turn away from what God has called me to do, because I fear the opinions of men, I’m as much to blame as they are. The truth of the matter is we in the church could help each other out a lot more, if we would come along side each other as we appreciate what the person is trying to do and partner with them to make it better.

After all, those who can’t do become critics. Anyone can be a critic, but a mentor is a rare and valuable find.

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