How to Get a Statue…

Posted: February 21, 2023 in Uncategorized

I’m not talking about buying one, anyone can save up and do that if they’re determined enough. I’m saying how can you make sure that someone creates and displays a statue of you. 

  1. Found something. Found a nation, a university, maybe even a company. Originators get statues.
  2. Be a hero. Help others. Come to the rescue. Stand for the less fortunate. Heroes get statues. 
  3. Be a leader. Stand up and lead people, preferably in the right direction. Leaders get statues. 
  4. Win a great battle. Battlefields are often filled with statues of the winners and/or those who fought valiantly. Statues go to the victorious. 
  5. Do something remarkable. Do something no one has ever done before or do something better than anyone else has ever done before. Remarkable people get statues. 
  6. Be inspirational. Live a life that inspires others to do great things. People make statues of inspirational people so they can keep on inspiring.  

Do any of these things, or several others, and do it well enough, and you just might get a statue. Of course there’s a better chance that you won’t, but then we’re not really supposed to be living for statues anyway. What if instead we did all that stuff with a different goal in mind? What if we lived the best most remarkable life we possibly could with no thought of being “immortalized” in granite or bronze and realized instead that our immortality is already guaranteed if we are in Christ Jesus. What if we made it the goal of our lives to live the best most God honoring life we can live for the sake of pointing others to the true immortality found in Jesus.

To quote a little known song that I heard a long time ago, so long that only one line sticks with me, but it was memorable. “Don’t carve your name in stone, leave it there on someone’s heart.” Better yet, point them to the name in which salvation is found, Jesus Christ.

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