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Just for Fun…

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A lot of the world I do is overtly spiritual. This should be of no surprise because a lot of what I do is live painting and storytelling in churches. That being said, sometimes I just like to cut loose and have a little fun. This was one of those. Influenced by being a fan of artists like Stanley Mouse and Ed Roth, and fueled by a love of model building, I occasionally create work like this one which I call Mad Modeler.

Now while it is true that I drew it just for fun, this is one of the ways I get beyond the church. To be clear, I love the church, but I also take seriously the idea that I need to be in the world too. I love getting to know new people and sharing a hobby I really enjoy. My hope is that things like this will help to connect me to real friendships with people with whom I have something in common. I even made a little online shirt shop, again just for fun. How do you connect with people outside the church using your art?

Here’s a link to the shop. and one to my model building YouTube Channel.

What a fantastic book for Christians involved in creative pursuits. Allen takes us through the chaos we face in life, its roots and how to overcome it. He once again makes a masterful plea for the idea of doing things with God rather than trying to do them for Him and this writer came away convicted and seeing the need for change. If you find yourself tired and burned out, or maybe just that life feels a little too chaotic, maybe you need to ask yourself a question. Am I doing all that I am doing for God or am I doing them with God? If you’re not sure, I highly recommend reading this book.