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God Told Me…

Posted: February 8, 2023 in Uncategorized

Yesterday’s post brought something else to mind. As a pastor, three of the scariest words I can hear are, “God told me.” When someone comes to me, and it hasn’t happened in a while, starting off a sentence with God told me, I get really nervous. The reason is simple. There is an implication with that statement that says, “If you disagree with this, you are in open opposition to God, because, after all, God told me.” Let’s be clear. I do believe God speaks to us, but if you start your sentence, with God told me, you will face an immediate pushback from me, and that pushback will be handing you a Bible and saying “Show me in the Word.” For the record, I will also need more than one out of context verse. A lot of big problems for the church could have been thwarted with a little systematic theology. Am I being mean in doing this? No, I am being kind and loving. God does not contradict His Word, and if you heard something contradictory to the Word. my pushback is designed to save you from a world of hurt. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. I love people and want to show every kindness, including the kindness of saying, slow down and check yourself. God loves His people and has very strong words for people who would lead His people astray. Many people have been led very far astray by people who have started a sentence with those three dreaded words. I will never say God has not spoken to you, what I will say is be humble enough to check it out against the Word. God’s spoken Word and His Written Word will never contradict each other.