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One of the things I often say is comparison is deadly, especially in the church. When you begin to compare your gift with someone else, one of two things is going to happen. You will either say “They’re so much better than me, I don’t know why I would try.” or “I’m so much better than them, I don’t know why they try.” It will leave you either prideful or discouraged and neither of those is helpful. Pride takes glory from God and discouragement denigrates what God has given. It’s better to keep your eyes on your own paper, and to do what you are responsible for, which is the development of your own gift. There’s nothing wrong with being happy in your gifting, and there is nothing wrong with a little holy dissatisfaction, that keeps you willing to learn and grow.

My wife has been listening to a short online devotional on the topic of comparison and she played a recent clip for me that really resonated. The timing was also perfect for me. You see I was a little stuck in comparison, if I want to be honest. A good friend posted a photo of himself on his way to minister with a mutual friend who ministers in a place that could only be described as a paradise on earth. I was happy for my friends, but there was a little part of me that was saying, “Why not me? Why didn’t I ever get that call?” What a crappy way to think. It may be as simple as you have not because you ask not. It might be as simple as my field is not what is needed, but comparison jumps right in there and tweaks you. Now again this was not a major depression or anything like that, I am genuinely happy for my friends getting to reconnect after a long time and they both have really great ministries and my friend will be a great asset to my other friend’s ministry. I’m just trying to. show you that even someone who is pretty happy and secure in his ministry is not immune to comparison. Don’t fall for it. The Lord knows what He is doing, and He has placed you with a good purpose. If you desire to do something ask for it, both in prayer and by making connections, but don’t get your value by whether or not you get the “yes.” Keep moving forward in faithfulness, realizing that the One who gave you your gift, did it with a purpose, and His faithfulness is beyond measure. Keep developing what you have and using it in faithfulness.

Eyes on your own paper, and don’t get stuck in comparison.