Archive for January 29, 2023

Can I be honest? I hope I can because I am going to. Some times are just really tough and I am going through one of those times right now. My trust is in the Lord, and I have confidence in Him, but some days are tough right now, and not just for me. A lot of people I love are struggling right now. When I was in a pretty tough place recently, God brought a song to mind, Rich Mullins’ “Hold Me Jesus.” It had been so long that I only remembered the chorus:

Hold me Jesus,
cause I’m shaking like a leaf.
You have been King of my glory,
Won’t you be my prince of Peace?

As I sang that chorus over and over again, a peace washed over me. It was truly the peace that passes understanding, because while there was not a lot of change in the situation, there was still peace. God had touched my heart and changed my outlook. Slowly a message began to form and I decided this would be my message for the week.

If it’s been a while since you heard the song, you can listen to it here.